These little plant hangings in macramé have a true bohemian feel, and are all you need to add a pretty “hippie chic” touch. So, here’s a really simple idea for your table plan, and when they’re hung up in a tree or a bush they really will catch everyone’s attention.

The technique is a lot easier than it looks, and once you’ve understood how to do it, you’ll only need around ten minutes to make one pot.

Material needed

-Small pots, vases …. as many as you have tables
– Parcel tags (like these ones here)
– Some pretty thread, with the same thickness as string or cord, depending on the size of the pots
– Fresh flowers or artificial flowers
– A pair of scissors

diy etapes


We’ve opted for small miniature pots and mini vases, but the technique used is the same for bigger pots. However, be careful when choosing your thread or cord : make sure it’s in proportion to the pots and is strong enough to hold heavier pots if you decide to use them.

1. Start by cutting strands of thread. In this example, we’ve  used a small pot and so have decided to cut the threads around 60 cm in length. But, for a large pot, don’t be scared to go bigger ( we always have the tendency to cut shorter lengths). You’ll need at least 8 strands of thread. In our example, we’ve used 10.  Most importantly, no matter what happens, you must have an even number. Next, tie all the threads together in a knot in order to create the base for your weaving.

2. Knot the threads together in pairs. Here, we’ve done the first knots around 2.5 cm down from the main starting knot, but once again, it all depends on the size of your pot. It’s important that your knots are roughly the same distance from the starting knot, as it will make your work look nice and even. Once that’s done, you’ve passed the first hurdle.

3. Next spread out all your groups of knotted threads in a star shape around the main knot. Now you can visualise your work much better.

4. Now, be careful, we’re getting to the heart of the project. You’re simply going to make a net. To do this, you must knot a thread from each group with a thread from its neighbouring group, just like in the photo. Here for example, you must knot all the threads together : 2 with 3, 4 with 5, 6 with 7, 8 with 9, and 10 with 1. Once again, it’s important that the second row of knots are evenly spaced apart.

5. Photo number 5 shows you what your  work should look like at this stage.

6. Next, repeat step 4 to create a third row of netting, then a fourth, and so on.  You can make as many of them as you want and vary the space between each row however you like ( in the photo, 4 rows were enough for our little pot)

7. Now, turn over your work so that the main knot is facing you, and slide your pot inside the net. All you need to do now is create a huge knot at the top, then a second a few centimeters down so that you have something to hang it from. And you can simply slip in a plant of your choice.

8. Don’t forget your table seating tags ( table number and name of guests) ? We loved the idea of bohemian lettering, but there are so many styles out there for you to choose from. To hang each tag to its pot, knot a strand of thread to the tag. Gently undo the big knot at the base of your net to slide on the tag.  Add a tiny knot there, then firmly re-tie the base knot. And there you go!






DIY-plan-table-macrame-002 DIY-plan-table-macrame-004

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