DIY – Fabric banner

DIY – Fabric banner

Have you thought about the roles you’ll give to the children who take part in the procession? Will you get them to throw rose petals? To hold the bride’s veil? It’s always really cute seeing how seriously they take their role on the big day, dressed up in their new special outfits, matching their brothers and sisters, cousins and friends.

Today, we wanted to think about them, with these little child-sized fabric banners that they will be able to brandish proudly on the way out of the ceremony… and that could then later be hung in the trees (for example), for the rest of the day. We got our inspiration from the “Les jolis moments” collection by Cyrillus and their pretty liberty print fabric in both bright and subtle shades.

The materials you need:
– The downloadable file
– An offcut of liberty print fabric
– A fabric crayon
– A range of felt
– Assorted embroidery thread and a needle
– A stick of white glue
– Fabric glue
– A wooden baton
– A Stanley knife and a pair of scissors
– A box of pins

Time: About half an hour for one banner.
Price: Around fifteen euros for two banners.

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1. Start by cutting out a 30 X 63 cm strip of fabric. To do this, all you need to do is to make a small nick about 2cm into the fabric and then to tear it, pulling firmly on each side. This way you’ll get a straight line, but one that’s pleasingly frayed.

2. Fold the fabric down the middle, reverse against reverse. To help you visualize your banner, you can at this stage slide the wooden baton along the fold. Line the fabric up carefully and pin your creation on both sides (left and right, but not the top or bottom) about 2cm from the edge of the fabric.

4. Use the downloadable pattern to help you mark out the corners of your banner. Here you have to cut out the model, position it on the fabric, mark its position in crayon and quite simply cut it out. This is now your banner’s final shape.

5. Cut a length of embroidery thread and sew with large stitches about 1cm from the edges, apart from when you reach the fold, where you should leave 2cm.

6. Now take care of the letters. Print out the template (or make your own, but if you do don’t forget to print it as a “mirror image”), cut roughly round the borders of the text and stick it to the felt using the glue stick. Be careful to only put a very little bit of glue, it’s only there to hold the paper in place while you cut the letters out.

7. Cut each letter out carefully with the scissors (although this shouldn’t be too hard as felt cuts very easily), apart from for the inside of the letters, where you will need to use the Stanley knife.

8. Then all that’s left to do is to peel the paper off each letter and position them on the banner before fixing them finally with the fabric glue.

9. While the glue is drying, tear what you have left of the fabric into three long strips about 1cm wide and 1 meter long. Plait them tightly together to get a little rope then tie this onto each side of the banner, leaving about 10cm of fabric after each knot.


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This free downloadable DIY from Un Beau Jour is made available to you thanks to the sponsorship of Cyrillus *.

Cyrillus conceived a collection in honor of wedding ceremonies and other days of celebration, poetically called: “Les Jolis Moments” (Wonderful moments)Les Jolis Moments is a selection of clothes for young boys and girls – including the incredible full petticoat which can be personalized – as well as divine accessories and little details that will make you melt. Head over quickly to have a peak at the presentation video for the collection – it’s truly ravishing.

*Important: the brand was not involved in the making of this article. They left us complete freedom to offer you this DIY, which we prepared completely independently. To find out more about this type of partnership, see this page.