Céline and Vincent organized a lovely day that was really true to their characters.

They decided to take their inspiration from their family symbol: the tree, to create a personalized décor and a special atmosphere. We ‘ll leave you to enjoy the beautiful images taken by You Made My Day, their photographer.

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“We were at the top of a panoramic sky-scraper in New York in July 2013. Clichéd maybe, but so romantic.

We knew that we both wanted to get married, but had decided that the proposal still ought to be a surprise. And what a surprise it was when he got the ring out at the end of the meal.

It was just the right moment, and looking back know we wouldn’t have wanted it to happen any other way.”

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You Made My Day is actually Baptiste Hauville, a photographer specializing in wedding photos.

His belief? The more spontaneous, the more authentic! Attentive to the smallest detail, Baptiste is able to capture the little moments of warmth and intimacy that give a wedding day all its meaning.

Coming from a “Street Photography” background, Baptiste is inspired by the magic of the present moment. His work has a very personal touch, and a feel of minimal romanticism.

Thanks to his virtues, his photos will always be highly touching and full of spontaneity.


I don’t know if I’m really in any position to give advise, as I think everyone has to go through her wedding planning how she feels is right. But if I had to take three things out of this experience, they would have to be:

1 – To know to delegate, whether to family, friends or a wedding planner, especially on the big day itself!

2 – To stress before, but not on the big day. Whatever happens, even if everything doesn’t go exactly to plan, the day will still be perfect. It’s not the details that matter but the general feeling of the love you’re sharing with your nearest and dearest.

3 – Above all, take just three minutes during the madness of the wedding to look around you, and really experience those few minutes fully, telling yourself that you will remember this particular moment for the rest of your life. As we all know, good things always pass too quickly.



Offer your guests a little gift that represents you. Here for example are little Oak trees, the family symbol.


> LocationLe Château d”Ailly, in Parigny in the Loire region

> Photography: Baptiste Hauville from You Made My Day & Sébastien Boudot

>  Outfits:

Céline: Dress from Pronovias, all lace, with a transparent back panel and open to the knees.

Vincent: Dark brown suit, white shirt, waistcoat and white rough silk cravate and pocket square from Hugo Boss

> CatererC-Gastronomie

> Wedding planner: Intemporelle

> Hairdresser: Orange Mekanik (Geneva)

> Film: Happy Wedding Films

> Florist: Amarylice

> DJ: Evideence

> Light and soundEvideence