We love Rime Arodaky’s creations. She created “la Malle de la Mariée“, dedicated to honey moon or just for every day. And we are definitely fond of the “Call me MADAME” tee !

The collection is available right now on her e-shop. Go ! Go ! Go !

Rime-arodaky-malle-de-la-mariee-002d Rime-arodaky-malle-de-la-mariee-002g Rime-arodaky-malle-de-la-mariee-007d Rime-arodaky-malle-de-la-mariee-007g Rime-arodaky-malle-de-la-mariee-008d Rime-arodaky-malle-de-la-mariee-008g Rime-arodaky-malle-de-la-mariee-003 Rime-arodaky-malle-de-la-mariee-004d Rime-arodaky-malle-de-la-mariee-004gRime-arodaky-malle-de-la-mariee-005gbisRime-arodaky-malle-de-la-mariee-005d Rime-arodaky-malle-de-la-mariee-006

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