Un beau jour: Hélène & Antoine

Un beau jour: Hélène & Antoine

For their wedding, Hélène & Antoine decided to everything themselves: decor, food, music etc.

All they did was reserve a location, book a photographer and throw themselves head-first into the great adventure of organizing a wedding. And you’ll never guess what, their big day was absolutely great!

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mariage original

“Antoine proposed to me on 18th May 2013. He’d had some pretty ambitious ideas for the occasion but in the end it all happened at home, and I really liked the way it turned out exactly because there was nothing extravagant about it. Doing it like that meant it also became a way of him telling me how much he loves our everyday lives with the kids and everyone else.

He left a little box in the mailbox; it had a little decoration on it and a little guy inside with the message: will you marry me? Then, when I turned round he was kneeling down on the ground with THE ring.

It was a lovely day so we celebrated with a bottle of white wine on our terrace.”

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photographe de mariage
Ricardo VieiraRicardo Vieira, born in Lisbon (Portugal) has been working in France (Ariège) since 2010.

He has been a vegetarian for 18 years, and loves a good debate, lots of laughter, but doesn’t like it at all when things get complicated. Proud father of two beautiful babies,  in a previous life he was a professional bagpipe player.

His take on photography? Simple, modern and relaxed. He believes that the key to a great photo is a sense of complicity between you and him. The only thing that really interests him is getting to know you well enough to see you as you truly are.
mariage conseils

1 – Don’t get yourself worked up every day for a year when organizing a wedding – you won’t achieve anything apart from tying your head in knots. The main thing is to define your leading idea, and the rest will sort itself out as you go along.

2 – On the day itself: delegate. All our guest helped out putting up the decorations, the part of the garden where we wanted to do the ceremony changed three times, and the decorations were completely improvised and they still looked great. It made all the guests get to know each other and created this brilliant atmosphere.

3 – Do your wedding exactly how you want it, even if it doesn’t follow the standard way of doing things. Don’t forget that it’s all about sharing a moment, and that what makes it feel special isn’t necessarily proportional to your budget.

> LocationLe domaine de Bois Gérard in Chessy-les-Prés (10) (great for nature-lovers and budding ecologists. It is completely cut off and surrounded by the forest)

> Photography: Ricardo Vieira

> Outfits:

Hélène: created by a dress-maker friend of Nathalie Saulnier (get in touch with me to find out more)

Antoine: custom-made Samson suit and home-made bowties

> Catering: Boucherie du Rouillon (a friend)

Punch, apéritifs and desserts: home made

> Cheeses: La Fromagerie de Paris (our go-to cheese supplier who lent us the refrigerated cases to transport the cheese to the place)

> Wine: each guest came armed with two bottles + we got our supplies directly from the Azé cooperative.

> Wedding announcement: my friend Anne from Instants Tissés

> Hair accessories and jewelry: Claire’s

Florist: Marceau le Fleuriste  (very sweet and reasonably priced)

DJDeezer (we made our own playlists; which are available to view for anyone interested)

> Personalized glasses: Imprim et Com’ Read more