Maid of honor looking for awesome accessories!

Maid of honor looking for awesome accessories!

This week is dedicated to the guests, so we keep going with the maid of honor!

It seems you are a lot to form a gang of maids of honor instead of the two bridesmaids as the classical way. It’s actually very funny, trust me, to see how people are very proud and ready to help when they have a specific role to play in the wedding .

A group of girlfriends next to you and some clothes like if you were in a school dancing performance, doesn’t it sound like a dream? But, be careful : it’s not the right time to look lousy (especially if your maids of honor are single, they may want to meet the groom’s cousin at the wedding), otherwise they will be mad with you for years. They are your best friends, you do not want to embarass them, remember Rachel at Barry’s wedding…

So forget the American tradition where every girl wears the same dress, otherwise it could turn to drama, especially if the outfit is expensive. Give them the freedom to chose their dress in their best fitting color, it doesn’t need to be anymore complicated.

On the other hand, accessories will be very successful! You just have to wear identical and noticeable accessories so the guests can immediately identify your dream team.

We worked with the jewelry brand Bala Boosté imagining for them and for you a shoot where maids of honor were allowed to chose their favorite dress but with identical accessories (necklace, headband, bracelets) or different accessories in matching colors (earrings and rings). And it worked very well!

You can afford a small shopping trip to stores such as Bala Boosté to do this kind of gift to your bridesmaids. It’s also a funny way to thank them to be there for the most important day in your life.

For these pictures, we used a flowered headband, a green emerald plastron necklace, a cuff and bracelets, then girls have chosen earrings and rings in the same tones.

Bala booste-33Bala booste-19Bala booste-22Bala booste-15 Bala booste-112Bala booste-98Bala-booste-371Bala booste-29Bala booste-80Bala booste-59liste

Accessories Bala Boosté Photographer Eleonore bridge ⎜Models : Maria, Lou & Magda ⎜ Asos Dress wedding : blu navy, flowered, green water color ⎜ Sandals Asos :  beige, pompom, silvered

Un beau jour: Marie & Karim

Un beau jour: Marie & Karim

We really couldn’t wait to share this fab wedding with you.

Marie, the bride, gave us a detailed account of the organization of this wonderful day, with both its highs and lows. Don’t forget to have a little look at the list of of contractors, there are a bunch of great Etsy addresses!

We won’t hide from you how much we love Anaïs (Julie Cerise)’s work, as always. And if you’re still looking for your photographer, feel free to get in touch with her, she still has a few dates available for 2015!

You too can share your special moments, send us your photos here

mariage original

“I’d been talking about it for a few years, but Karim wasn’t too keen on the institutional aspect of getting married.

But then he came to understand how important it was for me, and he proposed in April 2013 on Chia beach in Sardinia.

We didn’t tell everyone straight away because we both wanted to wait to announce it to our parents in person, and as one set live abroad, and the others in Bordeaux, we waited almost 2 months.”

Julie-Cerise1 Julie-Cerise2 Julie-Cerise3 Julie-Cerise4 Julie-Cerise5 Julie-Cerise6 Julie-Cerise7 Julie-Cerise8 Julie-Cerise9 Julie-Cerise10 Julie-Cerise11 Julie-Cerise12 Julie-Cerise13 Julie-Cerise14 Julie-Cerise15 Julie-Cerise16 Julie-Cerise17 Julie-Cerise18 Julie-Cerise19 Julie-Cerise20 Julie-Cerise21 Julie-Cerise22 Julie-Cerise23 Julie-Cerise24 Julie-Cerise25 Julie-Cerise26 Julie-Cerise27 Julie-Cerise28 Julie-Cerise29 Julie-Cerise30

See more photos here

photographe de mariage

julie cerise - phtobioAnaïs Kugel, Julie Cerise going by her second and third names, is an ethereal photographer who usually works in fashion and with magazines.

However, she got inspired by couples in love and their cool ideas for parties, and found herself in the unexpected role of wedding photographer!

mariage conseils

I don’t really have much advice to give.

I think it depends so much on the wedding and what you’re wanting to do, from location to number of guests. As you see, we got married in two far-flung places at opposite ends of the world, so we had to bring over all the contractors and manage all the guests (for transport and accommodation). We had to do everything long distance, because the closer place was 800km away and the further was 2000km away.

That meant we had to delegate some things that we didn’t have the time or desire to sort out.

So for example, in the Pyrenees, it was my mum who led our accommodation search on location and for Tunisia, my parents-in-law turned out to be quite the wedding planners! They handled all the accommodation for Tunis and Kerkennah, as well as the travel plans between Tunis and Kerkennah for all the guests coming from France (about 40 in total).

We took care of it all in advance, so we managed to get it all together just in time.

We also made sure to properly share out the tasks equally so it was really a team effort.

But most importantly, it meant we could get exactly what we wanted!

> Location: private

> Photography: Julie Cerise

> Outfits:

Marie: dress Valentine Gauthier , shoes Sergio Rossi

Karim: suit Faubourg Saint Sulpice

> CatererLe Nectar

Florist: Avril Mai (in Bordeaux)

> Pâtissière: Pâtisserie Chérie (in Bordeaux)

> Sound: Sonopourtous (in Toulouse)

> Tent, tables and chairs: BSL location

> Save the date: Pamela Loops on Etsy

> Wedding annoucements: Pop-attitude

> Thank you notes: Pepperandjoy and the result is here.

> ConfettiSupplyandco and PomLov

> Heart-shaped confettiMurisAndAJ (we punched holes in the confetti to slide them onto drinking straws)

> Confetti packets and guests’ giftsLeboxboutique

> Ribbons, yarns and stickersThatchandthistleco

> PomponsDecopompoms

> Clothes’ hangerPearlsandPastries

> Disposable cutlerySucreshop

> Guests’ giftsHopeandfancy, Ordinaryartists and Lettercdesign and Leboxboutique for the packages.

> StampsPapersushi

> Personalized labelsGreenBeltFarm Read more