Tadaaaa! They may have taken a little while to appear but, as promised, here are our video tutorials! It just takes a bit longer to create things like this.

To begin with, we have the tutorial that I think you’ve all been waiting for: tissue paper pompoms. These can prove an indispensible part of your decorations, because they mean you can decorate a room in barely any time at all.

The only complicated part is finding sheets of tissue paper this size (50x75cm), in sufficient quantities for the number that you want to make. Creative hobby shops often sell them individually, but this can quickly add up in terms of the cost.

A better option if you intend to make a lot of them could be to buy them from the comptoir de l’emballage. You will need 12 sheets of paper for a giant pompom, so if you get 400 sheets (a ream), you’ll be able to make a good 40 or so, for around 30 euros.

Material needed for one pompom:

– 12 sheets of tissue paper
– Metal wire
– Ruler (optional)
– Scissors