Lots of you are opting for really natural colours for your wedding : greenery, moss, wood, fresh flowers, old lace.
So we’ve come up with a small selection of projects to make decorations which follow along this theme. Here are lots of pretty ideas for a Robin Hood style wedding!


1. Hanging candles
At Green Wedding Shoes, we explain how to make a spectacular suspension with a piece of wood, some plants and a few candles. You could even use it as a guide to make beautiful centre pieces for your tables!

2. Plant crowns

The House that Lars Built explains a really simple method for making crowns out of plants. Really easy to do and less fragile than flower crowns, you could even make crowns for all your guests!

3. Homemade caramels

And what about if you were to cook little treats for your guests? Here, at  The Food Club,  we have a recipe for delicious butter caramel, plus it’s not too hard to do and extremely appetizing!

4. A log as a cake stand
With Oncewed, you can throw yourself into making this “cake stand” out of wood. It’s really not complicated to do and it has a really nice effect.

5. CD cases

If you’ve planned to create your own playlist, why not offer your guests a CD of your day?  Brides has come up with this charming idea to create it easily and prettily : natural paper, a few aptly chosen fonts and sewn borders for a beautiful and natural effect.

6. Slate place names

Do you remember these?  Last year we came up with this idea for DIY place names on pebbles. Following a similar principal, Oncewed has another take on them, this time in slate.

7. Plant confetti

I love this idea by  Kinfolk. Yes, yes, I KNOW that it’s not very realistic, but you have to admit that the idea of throwing plant confetti is absolutely fantastic, right? And after all, the material isn’t that hard to find : a hole punch, leaves and it’s done! Will you give it a go?

8. Lace hangings

I really love this idea by  Nouba : simple wooden hoops on which hang the squares of lace. It couldn’t be easier to do, it’s not expensive and you only need about five or six for a bohemian feel.

9. Log place names

And finally, a simple idea for those who aren’t the DIY type, an idea that makes quite an effect : these “table place names ” in the style of wooden logs by  Elizabeth Anne Designs. Simply collect a few branches and make a tiny cut every 4cm so that you can slip in the pieces of card. And there you have it!