Today, the case of the dance-hall fairy lights. We’ve seen them in so many photos that there can be no doubt: when it comes to lighting, we could never get bored of them. However, in terms of trying to get hold of them, it’s a bit of an assault course. And then there’s the price… For information, I found some very good ones on this website (tested and approved), but today I would like to show you a very convincing alternative – it’ll save you money, and even the least practical amongst us managed to make it perfectly. Shall I show you?

The equipment that you need: 

-A string of LED lights

-Unbranded (this is very important) ping-pong balls

– A Stanley knife

– Acrylic paint (optional)

– Kebab skewers (optional)

– A paintbrush and something to drive your skewers into (optional)

Time: 30 minutes max for a large string of lights

Cost: Around 20 euros per string of lights

diy etapes


There’s no point in giving you a picture, it’s so simple that it can all be said in a sentence: pierce your ping-pong balls with a little cross, using a Stanley knife, and slide each ball over an LED, pushing gently so that the ball stays in place properly. And that’s it!

You can also entertain yourself, as has been done here, by painting them. To do this, first pierce each ping-pong ball. Drive the kebab skewers into a support to keep them upright, such as floral foam or a cardboard wedge, push the balls onto them, and then simply paint them. As soon as it’s dry, you can slide a ball onto each LED.

In fact, the most difficult part of this project will probably be getting ping-pong balls without any logo or branding on them. I ended up finding mine for €1.50 for 6, in one of the little hardware shops that sells everything and sells it cheaply that you find all over Paris. For the lights, it’s best to choose LED ones, which do not heat up. Generally, I get mine from La Case de Cousin Paul. The price varies from 12 to 15 euros depending on the size chosen. This string of lights is just for indoor use.


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