Talking about wedding decoration, have you considered succulents? Cactus, Euphorbiaceae, Aloes and other Crassulas are not too expensive and easy to look after. You can even order them long time in advance.

If you have a small budget, do not hesitate to make them multiply by yourself. You just have to make sure you do it long enough in advance (multiplying the succulents is the most easy thing in the world). So, if you want to make your life easier, bet on succulents to replace capricious flowers.

Some wedding flower arrangements or bouttonnieres are sublime (the succulents’ color palette is particularly huge and sublte). You can also compose, without many difficulties, smalls terrariums as host presents.

And of course, you can go further extrapolating on what those fatty plants remind you to imagine a specific thematic for your D-day: American deserts, wildlife… oh ! Did you know that Cactus flowers symbolize eternity? it may be a great source of inspiration.

Here are a selection of our favourite ideas to make some room for the succulents in your wedding decoration.



1. Set de papeterie Into The Wild chez Green Wedding Shoes // 2. Bunch of Succulents for the bride on Mon Chéri Bridals // 3. Download succulents drawing to make your own decoration items to Ivan Negin // 4. Small book to learn how to multiply your succulents (very easy!!) Joelix // 5. Papeterie Cactée chez Lisas Graphic Design // 6. Inspiration Into the Wild Green Wedding Shoes // 7. Cactus wedding cake (Eternity symbol) Ruze Cake House // 8. Pretty pattern (to print to make pretty table mats or Photobooth background) par Louise Jones // 9. Bohemian pots A Beautiful Mess