Organising a photobooth is actually pretty simple. All you need is a camera on a tripod, equipped with a remote control, guests who are in the mood for entertaining themselves, and… a pretty background. But it’s easier to create one of these than it may seem, and it’s also actually quite cheap.

It’s some months since I started looking for an easy way of making one – one that really dazzles and gives a party atmosphere to all of the photos. It’s this metallic confetti, found in a joke shop, which gave me this idea.

The equipment you need to make your shiiiiiiny background:

–       Several large sheets of plain A2 paper

–       Several rolls of double-sided sticky tape (allow at least one roll per sheet)

–       Lots of rectangular metallic confetti

–       A few hours of free time


It’s really simple to make. This project will require several hours of your time, as you will have to glue each piece of confetti one by one. But you’ll soon get the hang of it, and even if the first few minutes of sticking seem interminable, it’ll soon get going.

1. You will need as many large sheets of paper as will suffice to fill the space that you want to cover. Don’t forget that the larger your wall, the more people can appear in the photos. Four sheets as a minimum, but if you have the courage to use 6, or even 8, that would be even better.

2. On each sheet, all you need todo is unroll a strip of double-sided sticky tape along the length, and then to stick your confetti to it in a well-stuck line (don’t worry if they overlap by a millimetre or so). And start again, several centimetres higher, making sure that your confetti overlaps the line that you have just finished.

3. The difficulty here is carrying this on for so long. But then, on the big day (or the day before), all you will need to do is assemble your sheets by fixing them to the wall using double-sided sticky tape. Plan to have a little handful of confetti around for when some of them fall off.

A few more little tips: 

– Of course, you can vary the colours as much as you want, depending on the confetti that you find. But bear in mind that if you use tissue paper you’ll have to stick them in quite overlapped lines to get a nice effect, as it is very transparent.

– You can also, if you find them, use large round pieces of confetti to get the effect of fish scales (very pretty).

– For this version, I alternated gold and silver confetti, but one type will be enough to cover part of a wall.

– You can find this rectangular confetti in most joke shops (I found this one in La poupée Merveilleuse, in Paris), but you can also find them on the internet, for example here or here.


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