I’ve often read comments asking where you can find these famous translucent paper sachets. Many online shops sell them, but often in small quantities and for a relatively high price. So today, find out how to make them yourself just using greaseproof baking paper. I’ve also included little labels which you can download, but remember you can always use your own. Let’s go!

Materials needed : 

– File to download and print off
– Glue stick (UHU)
– Stanley knife and a ruler
– Large round confetti
– Greaseproof baking paper



1. Once you’ve printed out the file, slide the paper stencil onto a piece of baking paper and fix it to your worktop.

2. Simply trace around your stencil on the baking paper. In this DIY I’ve drawn lots of lines, but if you feel fairly confident, I recommend you trace as few lines as possible : it’s faster and cleaner.

3. Carefully cut it out using the Stanley knife.

4. Fold each flap inwards. At first the paper seems slightly resistant, but in actual fact it’s very manageable.

5.  Glue the flaps using the glue stick : the long flap, then the thick flap and finally the large flap. Don’t use double-sided sticky tape as it doesn’t stick to the baking paper.

6. Fill your little sachet with pretty confetti. Here, I made the confetti myself using a round paper punch, but obviously you can buy them in a shop.  On the other hand, use this method if you’re looking for a particular colour. Tip: it’s quicker to cut out several sheets of paper at a time.

7. Now, all that’s left for you to do is to stick on the labels from the file. Top tip : fold them before cutting them, otherwise you’ll lose the lines which mark where to fold. And there you go!



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