Sparklers are appearing more and more often at weddings, and I love the enchanting atmosphere they bring to the evening. So, today here’s how to decorate them prettily so you can present them to your guests.

Material needed:

– The file to download and print out
– Sparklers
– Manila paper (e.g brown paper envelopes)
– Drawing paper
– Small sized hole puncher
-Artificial leaves
– A bit of double-sided sellotape


1. Download, personalize (if you want to) and print out the two files. Print the first one – with the flowers – on drawing paper and the second one on Manila brown paper. You may find it difficult to find any A4 Manila paper, in this case, I use envelopes which I cut into the desired size. In theory, Manila paper, as well as drawing paper, print really well from your personal ink-jet printer.

2.Pierce two small holes in the flowery label, halfway up, using a small hole puncher (you can find them in arts and crafts shops).

3. Position the sparklers on the label, and with the help of the metal stems from the artificial leaves, tie them down by pushing the stems through the holes you made in the last step. You can find  artificial leaves in lots of arts and crafts shops, but these ones came from La Droguerie (Rue du jour, Paris).

4.Position the flowery label on the Manila paper and fix it using a bit of glue or double-sided sellotape. Fold the flap, then fold it a second time to close it, securing it in place with some double-sided sellotape. And it’s ready!



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