If you’re looking for an alternative, or a complement, to the famous magical lanterns in tissue paper (magical because they never fail to beautifully decorate whatever space), paper wheels are perfect: inexpensive, easy to make (you can also hand over the task to your tribe of little cousins who will be delighted to help you prepare for the big day), and adaptable to any decor.

You will need :
– Paper
– A staple and double-sided tape
– String or ribbon (optional)


You can use any type of paper: uniform, colored, tissue, crepe, stiff … this works with everything. You will need at least two sheets for one wheel, and each sheet should be in a square format.

1. Choose two sheets of the same color, or even different colors.

2. Fold each of them in concertina style : according to the width of your folds the result can turn out very different, so it’s worth trying a few times.

3. Fold each concertina in half.

4. Stick it together using the staple or a piece of double-sided tape. The one you use will depend on the wheel, according to the direction or width of the fold, so it’s always useful to have both at hand.

5. Now stick the two concertinas together, one onto the other. Try to be as precise as possible, edge to edge, for a pretty finish.

6. Now all that’s left is to fix the two ends together, and if you want to hang them up, pierce a small hole to thread the string through. Don’t forget to make lots of these wheels for a real “wow” effect !!


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