Today it’s going to shine! We bring you a quick how-to that’s easy to recreate, eye-catching and gives you an excellent reason to sprinkle glitter all over your living room: sequined letters fading in color (we say ‘shaded’ as well, to wing it).

We don’t talk a lot about sequins for wedding decoration, however, they are super effective in livening up and illuminating a spot: their twinkling reflections take up as much space as people. Also, don’t restrict yourself: it’s now or never. The letters in this how-to can, for example, be used to decorate walls, bunting, photobooths or quite simply, can be propped up to decorate a piece of furniture.

You will need:
– Cardboard letters
– Spray glue
– Aluminum foil
– Sequins
– Solvent


Before you begin, here’s bit of info regarding the material. You will easily find cardboard letters in arts and crafts shops. For the sequins, choose four bottles: a bottle of small white sequins, a bottle of big white sequins, a bottle of small pink sequins and a bottle of big red sequins. It’s important to have two different sizes because it gives your letters a nice emphasis. Don’t be stingy with the quantity because you will lose a lot – a lot- of sequins when covering the letters. Basically, a big bottle of each color will do the trick for one letter. The solvent? It’s to get rid of the glue from your hands (so don’t use it after a manicure). This works the best, with soap, otherwise you’ll probably end up throwing a fit.

1. Start by protecting your workspace by covering the space you’ll need with the foil: glue spray has an annoying tendency to spread everywhere. Then, spray the face of your first letter, as evenly as possible (don’t spray it too close or you will risk making paté, about 30cm away is best).

2. Start scattering the sequins by starting with a small pinch of the big red sequins as the base of the letter. The closer you are to the edge, the more the sequins should be concentrated in red.

3. Continue to sprinkle the pink sequins until you reach the middle of the letter: note, the more you go along, the less pink sequins there should be, so use a light hand. If you want, finish it off with a mini pinch of red sequins.

4. Then carry on with the small white sequins by going over the pink halfway up the letter. Then, use the big white sequins to finish and accentuate. Finally, let it dry for a few minutes.

5. Do the same thing for the other edges of the letter. Just to warn you, this is the most complicated bit and your hands will keep an irritated souvenir here. But otherwise, it’s not too difficult. You can also start with the edges and finish with the face of the letter. Everything being left to dry fully before handling each letter. Last thing: don’t panic if you spray a bit of glue on the already sequined side, it will become transparent when it dries.


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