We’ve really fallen for this DIY, suggested by Majenia the wedding planner (based in Lyon, but operating throughout France). These little boxes are extremely simple, and all of their charm is to be found in the little details that they bear: fringed labels, pretty colour combinations, kraft paper…

And above all, they can be adapted to suit the decoration of any wedding, simply by choosing the colours that you have picked for your big day. A creation that has personality AND that can work in any situation – pretty good, wouldn’t you say? Thank you so much, Majenia!

Pour une boîte, il vous faut…
– Du papier kraft
– un rouleau de masking tape (ici rayé blanc et or)
– du papier de soie
– une paire de ciseaux
– une perforatrice/poinçonneuse/trouyotteuse (appelez la comme vous voudrez !).
– du fil baker twine (ici rayé blanc et violet)
– l’étiquette de remerciement téléchargeable et imprimable

For one box, you will need…

– Kraft paper

– A roll of masking tape (here, white and gold striped)

– Tissue paper

– A pair of scissors

– A hole punch/ticket puncher (call it whatever you want!)

– Bakers twine (here, white and purple striped)

-The downloadable and printable thank you label



Start by cutting out a 21.7cm x 21.7cm square of kraft paper.

Now follow the different stages of folding:

1. Fold the paper to so that you end up with 4 triangles, as shown in the 1st picture.

2. Fold each corner as illustrated in the 2nd step (folding left). Then again each corner as illustrated in the 2nd step (folding right).

3. Your paper should now be completely square-patterned, as in the 3rd step.

4. Cut the paper so that you end up with two little houses, like in step 4.

5. Fold the tips to the left and right as in step 5 so that they touch and form a little box.

6. And now, without any glue and with just two cuts, here you have a pretty little box put together in just a few moments. Reassure yourself that the first time you do it you will need a bit of dexterity and you’ll take a while to get the hang of all the movements, but after two boxes or so, you’ll have it down to a tee!

Now, it’s really simple. Fill some tissue paper with little sweets, which you can find, for example, in Violette et Berlingot. Close it using a bit of masking tape, and place it inside the paper box. Tie it up like a present, using a bit of bakers twine, not forgetting to insert the little label, in which you have previously made a hole with the hole punch and which you can customize, as done here, with tissue paper fringed using scissors and stuck down with some masking tape.

And there we are, it’s all finished! You can repeat the operation for each of your guests. One little piece of advice: store your packets in a cool place so that the sweets do not melt or get stuck together.

Photo credit: Amandine Crochet


Really addicted to all the pretty little details that make all the difference on the big day, and an anti-conformist wedding militant, Majenia, a wedding designer for 3 years, loves rising to decorative challenges.

She doesn’t hesitate to travel all over France, her car full of beautiful handmade decorations, unusual objects and all manner of treasures… All sprinkled with a dose of good humour, a dash of originality, and lots of imagination!


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