This week, we have handed over the reigns of our DIY article to Ambre the graphic designer. She has offered us this delightful set of ultra-colourful invitations, which are both unconventional (just how we like it), and really personal. If you’re planning to get married in the coming months, this was made for you.

To make them, nothing could be easier: all you need to do is download this file (be warned that it is very large because of the images), and it’s already nearly finished. The file is made up of 3 documents containing the invitations, as well as the fonts that you will need to create them. Simply replace the information (names, date, etc) with your personal information using software such as Photoshop or The Gimp, then print everything in high resolution on good quality paper, or even more simply, delegate the printing to a professional.

And finally, some careful cutting with a Stanley knife and you’re ready to go! Thank you Ambre!


Ambre‘s little tip: You can print them out on white pearlized paper (such as Curious Metallic pearl), which gives very good results. You can find it in paper shops such as Antalis, or from a nice printer who might be willing to give you a few sheets.


Ambre is a graphic designer. She recently set up her own little announcement business. Passionate about weddings and all kinds of events, she shares her amazing, colourful, surprising creations.

Her website, Lovelyday, is a beautiful showcase of her work. Head along to it now and take a tour around it – you’ll find lots of ideas to inspire you, and plenty of useful little tips.


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