Remember those painted pebbles that you used to decorate during the summer, after having spent the afternoon picking the prettiest ones on the beach? I’m going to show you how to use them to decorate your table with these table name places which are very fun to make (so a good plan if you have a certain number to decorate)

Material needed:

– Lots of white acrylic felt tip pens( medium or fine tip)

-Pebbles gathered from the beach


We could spend hours explaining how to make them, but the idea is simple: all you need to do is draw on the pebbles, or write  the names of your guests. For the small garland above the heart, you don’t need to be able to draw well: you just need to trace a white line running around the edge of the pebble, leaving a big enough margin, then draw a line of little hearts all along the line.

Child’s play!

The writing is a bit more complicated. I recommend you have a few tries on some paper before you have a go on the pebbles. Choose a hand-written font that you like, look at how the letters are drawn and… copy it! To help you, start by tracing their name, then draw over it a second time to make the lines thicker.  To finish, draw a line at the beginning and end of each name so that the pebbles look pretty when arranged altogether.

But above all, don’t worry if they’re not perfect:  it’s the overall effect they create together that everyone will notice! Lastly, don’t bother varnishing your pebbles, acrylic paint is water resistant. Another advantage of these felt tip pens ( you can find them in every art shop or creative place) : they dry almost instantly.


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