Recently, I’ve seen lots of wands like this on foreign blogs: pretty sticks with lots of ribbons coming from the end that are given to the guests to wave around at the end of the ceremony.

They act as a replacement for the usual rice, confetti or bubbles, and the effect is so beautiful. They’re a little present for the guests and then afterwards, I am sure that everyone will use them, making for great photos. This post reveals a really easy way to make them. Within three hours, you’ll have enough in stock for all the guests.

The materials you’ll need:

– Ribbon in coordinating colors

– Cardboard straws

– A pair of scissors

– A utility knife


First and foremost, don’t worry about the price of the ribbons, there’s no need to buy really high quality ribbons, any affordable ones will do perfectly.

I found the ones used here in a shop specializing in wedding and party accessories, and it  certainly was not top of the range, but the price for each roll was no more than 2 or 3 euros. Certain ones even cost me less than two euros. Therefore, even if you have a huge amount to make, it doesn’t have to cost you too much.

The steps to follow:


1. Choose at least four ribbons and cut each color to the length of around 60 to 80cm.

2. Make a hole in your straw a bit less than 1cm from one of the ends using the utility knife. It should be around 2cm and must go all the way through the straw.

3. Thread the four pieces of ribbon through the hole that you have just cut (if you need to, don’t worry about slightly widening the sides of your slots so that that ribbon threads more easily). Make a little bow around 5 centimeters from the end to secure it in place. And there you have it, its finished. Next please!


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