You’ve found the dress. The assault course now starts for the shoes: the right colour, the perfect heel height, the little detail that’s the perfect addition to your dress… you don’t find all this just like that.

Don’t forget that personalising your shoes could take them from “almost perfect” to “as if the dress and the shoes were created to be worn together”. So here’s today’s easy DIY that shows you how to make your shoes sparkle!

What you will need:
– The famous pair of shoes
– Glitter (big and small)
– Glue varnish
– A paintbrush
– Masking tape


1. Start by creating a workspace where you wont  damage anything. Then, protect the parts of your shoes that you don’t want to cover in sparkles by covering them with masking tape (this can be found in DIY shops such as Bricorama). In this case I chose to cover only the end of the toes, as well as the heels.

2, 3 and 4. Apply a first layer of glue with the brush on the area where you want it to stick. Be careful because the glue varnish dries very quickly. You should therefore proceed in little bursts. Create your mixture of big and small types of glitter: the little ones cover the leather perfectly and the bigger ones really sparkle. In this DIY I have also added some star shaped glitter. Sprinkle the mixture everywhere where you’ve put the glue. Press lightly on the glitter to make sure they’re all well stuck to the glue, and then let it dry.

5. When the glue is properly dry (around an hour later) rub gently over the covered part with your finger to remove the glitter that isn’t properly glued. You will probably feel like NO single piece of glitter was properly fixed in place, but don’t worry, that’s normal.

6. Apply a second coat of glue. The glue varnish becomes perfectly clear as it dries so don’t worry if, at the moment, the result seems uncertain.

7. Apply a second coat of sparkles, pat them to fix them to the glue and let it all dry again for a good two hours. Normally, after the second coat, the rubbing test with the finger should be satisfactory, leaving nothing “white”. If this isn’t the case, add little spots of glue in these areas and cover with sparkles.

8. When its perfectly dry, all you have to do it remove the masking tape. One final tip to make sure your sparkles don’t escape on their way: on the big day, protect once again the non-glittered parts of your shoe and then spray the sparkles with a bit of hairspray. The result on the glitter’s ability to stay is surprising.

♥♥♥ Thank you!!! ♥♥♥

A huge thank you to the brand Ellips for having been kind enough to provide us with the shoes photographed in the DIY. Ellips has a  a collection of wedding shoes which are just beautiful and perfectly made to keep you comfortable all day. Their ready to wear collection is also one of my favourites. Thank you, thank you Ellips ♥ !


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