Today, we’ve got a special little post for those of you who want to make everything themselves (I believe there’s a lot of us). This will arouse your creative spirit…in particular if you’re organizing a wedding with retro touches.

Here are three links with an archive of extraordinary images, in high definition and copyright free. That’s it!

1. David Rumsey’s Collection of Ancient Maps
Ever since I discovered it, i’ve spent hours on it looking for the prettiest ones. The scans are excellent quality and some of these maps are real gems.

2. The Flickr Set “Old Travel Postcards”
As its name suggests, here you will find scans of old postcards on the theme of travel. You will need to rummage a little, but there are some true pearls.

3. Teaching boards from the Biodiversity Heritage Library
Beware, you can spend hours looking through this, it’s simply sumptuous. Those who are fans of cabinets of curiosities won’t get over it: the scans are impeccable and everything can be used freely for non-commercial distribution.

Honestly don’t miss it, it’s a gold mine. Once again, I owe this discovery to the marvelous talent scouts that are the creators of Do It Yvette (♡).

What about you? What are your secret treasures that you turn to when you’re on the hunt for tools to realize your creative projects? Tell us in the comments!