This week we have a little project that simply screams holidays and sunshine. A present to give your guests on your return from your honeymoon, if you fly off to the sunshine. It’s really easy to make and is a beautiful gesture.

Here, the lucky charm shell used in the photos is a coffee bean (there’s no point going to the other side of the world to collect them: you can find them on lots of beaches close to home) But whatever the beach, when talking to the inhabitants, you’ll discover there’s a little shell known for bringing luck. For example, in Corsica, it’s the Eye of Saint Lucie, the conch shell. And  I quite like the idea of spending time on a beach searching for a little present for each one of the guests who came to your wedding.

Material needed

– The downloadable and printable file
– Bristol paper
– Shells and sand brought back from your holiday
– A tiny glass bottle
– Metallic thread
– Double-sided tape


1. Print off the downloadable file on a sheet of Bristol paper. I always use the Micro Applications brand as it’s not too expensive and the weight is perfect ( quite stiff meaning it holds well, yet is supple enough to be folded). Cut and fold along all the lines, remembering to do the sides on the two pink triangles. If you have a bone folder, even better.

2. Using the double-sided tape, close the box and fix the small flap in place inside the box.

3. Still using the double-sided tape, stick the bottom together.

4. Finish assembling your box by closing the cover of your mini milk carton. In theory, if you push each coloured triangle with your thumbs it should close easily, without needing to be forced.  When they’re in place, use a Stanley knife to cut two small slits around one centimeter apart from each other.

5. It’s time to think about the gifts. It couldn’t be simpler: pour a bit of sand inside the tiny bottle, and add the shell before putting the cork back in. Now, you can slip it into your box.

6. Strip the metal wire from it’s plastic casing. If you find a wire in a shop  that’s just as thin, don’t complicate your life even further : use a coil wire. The ones from freezer bags are flexible and are the perfect thickness.

7. Thread the wire through the little notches that you cut out with the Stanley knife, and close the box, twisting the wire.

8. Now print and cut out  the pack of postcards (don’t forget to personalize them beforehand). Use some double-sided tape to stick on the front of the polaroid.

9. All that’s left to do is to stick the backs of your mini post cards together, not forgetting to place the end of the wire in between the two sides.


A few details about the downloadable file. In the file you’ll find two types of boxes. One has a plain background without any writing on, meaning you can personalize it as you wish. I’ve also included the box with images of small white palm trees, which you can also use.

Finally, you’ll find  a pack of mini postcards with a photo of the Bahamas. It’s up to you to personalize them with your own message. But be careful, the postcards are tiny, so think about just writing a short message so that it’s readable.