For the first DIY of the year, I want to tell you about a simple little trick that can transform any boring sweet selection into a beautiful arrangement!  They’re so easy to make, they’re really not expensive, and the outcome is quite pretty. So today, we’re putting (edible) gold everywhere. And this works with almost any kind of food product: sweets, chocolate, fruit, dried fruit…

What you will need:

– Gold/silver/pearl edible powder

– Icing sugar

– Toothpicks

– Little decorative bits (sugar and marshmallows were used in this DIY)


I’m not really going to take any time going over the DIY steps because they are just so simple: place a bit of the golden powder in your work space and roll whatever you want to sparkle in it. Don’t be afraid to shake the excess off and there you have it! Then, to stick the little stars to the marshmallows, like in the example shown, I simply made a little adhesive with icing sugar and a tiny bit of water, which I added, in drops, with a toothpick. So simple!

Just a bit of advice about the powder, now. It’s a food colourant, so as long as you don’t just eat it all straight from the pot (which really isn’t recommended) then it’s not much of a risk to your health. You can find this kind of colourant in specialised shops (I found mine at Mora) and in all kinds of different metallic shades: gold, bronze, silver, pink… The bottle is quite expensive when you buy it (around 15/20 euros), but with only a tiny bit of powder, you can cover a huge amount of things. One bottle would probably be enough for all of your decorations.

If possible, try to select white sweets to turn golden because the colour underneath the powder doesn’t completely disappear. The decorative sugar shapes to put on top can be found in lots of different arts and crafts shops, and in a variety of different shapes and colours. I actually found mine at my nearly corner shop, strangely enough.

Oh and think about protecting your workspace: the power is very very fine and will spread everywhere. However, its also very easy to remove, with just the wipe of a sponge its sorted.

There wasn’t any on the day I went shopping, but I am sure that the crocodile effect on sweets is great!


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