This little DIY is so easy to make that it might even surpass your expectations! But it’s also a pretext for telling you about these little bottles for blowing bubbles, which you can easily find on the internet, usually pretty cheaply (between 6 and 10 euros for a pack of 24, such as those here and here, which seems pretty good value to me, especially if you have to buy them in large quantities).

Add to that the total absence of any logo or label, and you really do have the perfect bottles!

And then, we can think of lots of different things you could use to cover them (personalized labels, for example), but here I just did something really simple: a strip of origami paper, stuck solidly using a bit of double-sided sticky tape, and a bit of coordinated paper on the lid, made using the lid as a template. Just think about making it slightly bigger than the outline of the lid itself, in order to avoid ending up with pesky edges.

And to finish, a simple little windmill (you can find the diagram for how to do this here), the sails of which are also stuck down with double-sided sticky tape.

Pretty, easy and quick – and when you have 200 to prepare, I’d say that’s a pretty good combination!