Les Dormeuses de Madapolam is a brand of truly stunning hair accessories for retro, poetic and bohemian girls.

The idea is: « do not go out with plain hair! » Instead, wear a cute headpiece that marks a journey, just like the roaring twenties and the seventies!
The creations are hand-made, they are either unique or come in small collections, they can be personalized and they are all made in France with love !

This collection is inspired by Mucha’s art déco illustrations, by the flower crowns of seventies brides, and by the 1920s and 30s.

Cour Eglantine rose Ext 2-001

Cour Mathilde Ext 1

Cour Mona Ext 1-001

Cour Suzanne blc 1-001

Cour Suzanne blc 2-001


* Video created by: Fanny Dussol

* Hair & make-up : Noëlie Abcaya

* Model : Juliette Wall (julietwall@free.fr)

* Music : Patrice “Can You Hear Me Dreaming”