When thinking about how you’re going to style your hair, we often tell you that it’s much nicer to imagine doing it yourself with your friends, witnesses or mum.
Firstly because it’s not always easy finding that rare pearl who will magically create your dream hairstyle in a small town in the middle of nowhere, where you’ve decided to get married. And also because you would have such a fun girly time!

So here are a few tutorials and sites abundant with pretty ideas and inspiration ( you’ll find even more on our Pinterest board)


Long hair

Have you been letting your hair grow since forever, or at least for several years?  The doors to hairdressing paradise are wide open : never ending plaits, twisted buns, crazy locks of hair, or wear it loose. You can do almost anything, so have fun!

natte-2 natte-blondebraidboucles

Pretty tutorials :

Tutorials by Un Beau Jour x Elnett –  Flowery plaits & Crown Plait

All of Joanna’s pretty plaits  “A cup of Jo”

A beautiful side plait


Mid to shoulder length hair

A bit too short to be able to do some hairstyles, but long enough to attempt something. Plus it’s the length which most of you probably have. Far from it being simple! Have lots of attempts, and by using a few tricks you can even have pretty plaits ( it all depends on whether your hair is mid-length or shoulder length) (search for “half crown braid” for online tutorials).


Pretty tutorials :

A bun with pretty flowers  Cut by Fred x Make my lemonade

A pretty braided bun for shoulder length hair

 The famous “messy bun”


Short hair

For short hair count on accessories : crowns, head jewellery, etc… You can also use plait head pieces if they take your fancy. All you need to do is find your hair colour and you’ll be transformed!

crowncheveux-courts short

couronnePretty tutorials :

The tutorial by Un Beau Jour x Elnett for short hair