Hey Mister D.J. Put a record on

Hey Mister D.J. Put a record on

Today we’re heading to Italy for a music themed inspiration shoot with a raw, vintage style.

We love the idea of a guitar to sign ;)

Maison Pestea’s name comes from a Basque farm with red shutters looking out onto the mountains. In France, Itlay and elsewhere, Peggy Picot works alongside couples from a variety of backgrounds. By immersing herself in the family life that day, she takes her photographs with discretion and subtlety in order to capture the sensitive, sincere and funny moments from the big day.

Artistic director:  The Wedding Circus 

Flowers: Flowers & Fruits

Wedding cakes: MADE Creative Bakery

Hair and make-up: Valeria Gussoni

Dress and suits: vintage – personal collection

Ouma dresses

Ouma dresses

We often fantasise about this wedding dress designer from the other side of the Atlantic who sell their beautiful dresses on Etsy now: Ouma (remember the pink tutu?)

They will often offer to work from afar and they deliver all over the world, so for the more adventurous among you, it could be a great thing to try. But if not, we’re not going to lie to you, the distance can add quite a few barriers between you and the dress of your dreams.

At the very worst these are beautiful ideas to use as inspiration to give to a talented dress designer ;) The styling in this shoot really is inspiring (I find red lips on a bride very modern).

Un beau jour : Jennifer & Thomas

Un beau jour : Jennifer & Thomas

Today’s post is a lovely wedding at home with a very cool couple, who were organized, but not overly so. They knew how to create a really great day for themselves as a couple and for those close to them, who were treated to plenty of charming touches throughout the day…

If you also want to share your special memories, send your photos here


“One evening in April 2012, Thomas surprised me by taking me to the Toumieux brasserie by Jean-François Piège. We are both fans of good restaurants. He had reserved both a table and a bedroom! In the room, we waited for a bottle of champagne, which he popped immediately and proposed (shaking a little, which was sweet).”

Find more photos here


Behind Ela & the Poppies is Anne-Sophie and her passion for life. It’s a taste for the finer details and a desire to share the happiness of others that has pushed her to become a wedding photographer. Her motto?

Live, Laugh, Love. Because there’s nothing better than moments of joy and bonding that unite two people. Splitting her time between Lyon and the Basque Country, she’ll go anywhere in France, or in the world, to photograph your wedding.


1 –  Take care of every detail.

2 – Listen to yourself (and don’t regret a thing).

3 – Always remember that you’re planning a happy event: and keep smiling!


The flower children in floral crowns


> PhotographyEla & the Poppies

> The outfits:

Jennifer: Laure de Sagazan dress

Thomas:  The Kooples and Carven

> The catererBergerac Traiteur

> DJ: Julia Papillot

> Material and furniture rental: Souchon réception

> Fireworks: Brezac

> Rental of wooden toys for children and adults: Boule et billes

> Sound and lighting: Alliance animation

> Marquee: LMG location

Read more

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

Here’s a lovely theme from Spanish photographers Eléonore and Verònica from flare estudi fotogràfic who’ve carried out an inspiration shoot for the beautiful dress brand “Érase una vez“.

We found it so inspiring that we decided to ask the creator of the brand, Ruthaurora Maria, a few questions…

Where did the idea for this shoot come from?

I chose the Little red Riding Hood theme because I thought it would be interesting to adapt the dresses to the story of two hostile characters- the wolf and Little Red Riding Hood. Often I find that wedding dress designers try to block out the woman’s sensuality to concentrate on purity, innocence and, in Spain, ‘chastity’. I find this quite out of date these days.

With this little collection, I wanted to express a woman’s duality, which can be naïve and elegant without losing a fierce side.

What do you enjoy the most about making wedding dresses? 

The thing I like most about making wedding dresses is the moment when I think them up in my head. During the working day, I don’t have a lot of time to draw and so I make the most of my time on busses or trains to dream them up. I love the moment when my adrenaline starts going because I know that I’ve just found the idea I’ve been looking for.

The other moment I love is of course when the client lets a smile creep onto her face, showing that she’s found THE dress for her wedding.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by everything that’s old and artisanal, even though recently I’ve been inspired by my own motherhood. I’m inspired by everything to do with children and their world: children’s books, theatrical pieces and short films. I’ve discovered the “butoh” dance, which is visually very impressive.

Can you tell us some of the other designers that you like? 

Even though his style is very different to mine, I have always loved Yohji Yamamoto, for his ways of working with those who wear his dresses – it’s so different to the European method. I also love the way he plays with layering clothes, which reminds me of the way that Japanese people dressed in the past, with 14 layers of clothing. A few months ago, I also discovered Laure de Sagazan who really resonates with me.

Is there a wedding dress from a big designer that has had a significant impact on you? 

Around 15 years ago, I saw a dress by Josep Font, the Catalonian designer. It was white and very simple with an empire waist and embroidered poppies. I saw it in the window of the shop he had in Passeig de Gracia in Barcelona and I just stood there gaping. I told myself that if I was going to get married one day then it would be in a dress like that one. Maybe it was fate or maybe it was because of that dress that I know have a dress workshop and boutique where girls dream of getting married. Read more

Little white dresses

Little white dresses

So many of you enjoyed our little customization corner for ready-to-wear dresses directed by Violette (in partnership with ASOS) at the last Andy festival. And we haven’t even showed you the great little video full of advice… here it is.

As a bonus, we’ve also put together a little selection of inexpensive dresses that you can accessorize by following the advice in the video to get a beautiful bride look with very little expense!

Jolie déesse Poupée Patineuse artistique Très Sagazan Jolie Môme Jolie maille Vole au vent Précieuse
Un beau jour : Alice & Gregory

Un beau jour : Alice & Gregory

When Gregory sent me the pictures of his and Alice’s wedding, I thought it was super cool. Firstly, cool because it was all the groom’s initiative (which is quite rare), secondly because the wedding itself full of friends just looked great, and finally because they did up a little nautical base for their wedding. It was a real project, an adventure almost, and just such a cool wedding. They’ve given great advice on their fun buffet idea with an ice-cream van & curry wurst and they’ve even agreed to share the details of their budget with us!

If you also want to share your special memories, send your photos here


“In October 2012, I took Alice on a surprise week-end by the sea (towards St Raphaël) where 9 years ago we had first met. At the exact spot, almost to three grains of sand, I got down on one knee with the moonlight as a bonus August 2013 was going to be our 10th anniversary as a couple and so we turned it into our wedding.”

Find more photos here


Diane Sagnier is a French/American photographer and filmmaker based in Paris. She focuses her work in the areas of fashion, music, and little by little, publicity. No matter the subject, her motto is to create timeless images, with a soft and lively look. Greg and Alice’s wedding was her first work of this type, ‘just helping out a friend’ and it was such a success!



1 – Keep cool! You’re organizing a beautiful weekend with people you love so it’s never going to be anything other than wonderful.

2 – Brief, re-brief, re-re-brief your workers, friends and family. It is better to share information with lots of different people to make sure that everything goes well. By doing this, you will be able to limit what you miss on the big day because you won’t have to manage anything.

3 – Have brunch! The evening of the wedding passes unbelievably quickly! You won’t have enough time to really enjoy all your guests, the location, or the decoration. By organizing a brunch the next day, you’re also giving yourself the opportunity to enjoy everyone’s company without any stress.


1 – Make sure you do lots of preparation as a couple – it’s so important to have equality in this respect.

2 – Do what you want to do – forget about those around you and traditions.

3 – Having a couple of quarrels while preparing for the big day is normal and they always pass.


A camping area as a place for friends to stay after partying all night long!


> The location: the beach at Boran-sur-Oise

> PhotographyDiane Sagnier

> The outfits:

Alice: dress by Claudie Mergirie

Gregory: H&M jacket and suspenders, Hugo Boss trousers

> The food:

Ice-cream van: Glaces Martinez

Buger food-truck: Le refectoire

Pizza food-truck: Vesuvius

Brunch: Curry wurst Read more

(Français) Un Beau Jour ...

(Français) « En octobre, j’ai emmené Alice en week-end surprise au bord de la mer (vers st Raphaël), là ou 9 ans auparavant nous nous étions rencontrés. A l’exact endroit à 3 grains de sable près, genoux au sol et clair de lune en prime. En août prochain, allait être nos 10 ans de couple on l’a transformé en mariage. »

(Français) La liste

(Français) Le lieu : La Plage de Boran-sur-Oise

La photographeDiane Sagnier

La tenue de la mariée: robe Claudie Mergirie

La tenue du marié : veste et bretellew H&M, pantalon Hugo Boss

Le camion de glaces : Glaces Martinez

Le food truck burgers : Le refectoire

Le food truck pizzas : Vesuvius

Le brunch : Curry wurst

(Français) La photographe

(Français) Diane Sagnier est photographe et réalisatrice franco américaine, basée à Paris. Elle oriente son travail dans le milieu de la mode, des musiciens et peu à peu de la pub. Peut importe le sujet, son credo est d’obtenir des images intemporelles, elle dirige une esthétique douce et vivante. Le mariage de Greg et Alice est sa première commande de ce type, “un coup de main pour un pote” qui s’est révélé très réussi !

(Français) Les conseils des mariées

(Français) Alice

1 – Keep cool ! Vous organisez un très beau week-end avec les gens que vous aimez, ça ne peut que très bien se passer.

2 – Briefez, re-briefez, re-re-briefez vos prestas, amis et famille. Il est préférable de partager l’information à différentes personnes pour s’assurer que l’information soit bien passée. De cette manière, vous limiterez les ratés et le jour J vous n’aurez rien à gérer.

3 – Brunchez ! La soirée du mariage passe à une très grande vitesse. Vous manquerez de temps pour profiter vraiment de tous vos invités, du lieu et de la déco. Organiser un brunch le lendemain, c’est se donner l’occasion de profiter sans stress de tous.


1 – Investissez vous dans la préparation à 2, c’est important d’avoir un équilibre là-dessus.

2 – Faites ce que vous voulez, oubliez l’entourage et les traditions.

3 – S’engueuler pendant la préparation est normal on y passe tous.

  • (Français) L'organisation

    (Français) « C’était compliqué. Je crois qu’on n’a pas fait dans la facilité. On a commencé à réfléchir au projet 9 mois avant et on s’est retroussé les manches à 4 mois du jour J.

    C’était pas très méthodique, beaucoup de choses au dernier moment et un peu foutraque (à la Greg) mais avec une énorme recherche sur internet en amont. Et plein d’aide des amis/famille ! »

  • (Français) Le budget

    (Français) « Nous n’avions pas de contraintes financières mais pas non plus envie de dépenser inutilement. On n’a pas défini d’enveloppe (au final on pense tourner dans les 17000 € avec énormément de temps personnel, amical et familial investi).

    On a choisi de fonctionner sans traiteur, donc grosse économie là dessus mais grosse organisation à prévoir pour tout louer (chaise/table/flute de champagne/couvert etc.) c’était d’ailleurs un peu galère ! Pas de caprices mais une forte envie que tout le monde s’amuse, qu’il y ait un air de fête tout le temps. L’alcool et la nourriture est ce qui coûte le plus, on était 200 et ça fait du monde.

    Pour la journée, on avait loué un camion des Glaces Martinez (700 €), un stand de barbe à papa (150 €) et enfin 350 € de bonbons.

    Pour le cocktail : du champagne et des petits fours/planche fromage/planche charcuterie.

    Pour la soirée : on avait envie de fonctionner avec des Food Truck, un de Burger le Refectoire,(2200 €) et un de Pizza, Le Vesuvius (900 €) avec un buffet de saumon mariné et plein de légumes préparés par la maman et la cousine. En dessert c’était tartes tropéziennes et pièce montée de macarons.

    Pour le Brunch un camion de CurryWurst, Paris-Berlin (500 €) et le buffet de la veille. En boisson 150 bouteilles de champagne (2000 €) et 70 de vin. Pour le bar, il y avait 700 € d’alcool fort/soft/fruits.

    Pas de dîner assis mais des tables disponibles ambiance guinguette chacun s’installe où il veut, mange ce qu’il veut et quand il veut. Ce n’est pas pour nous le mariage coincé à table ! Pour la déco c’était acheté au fil des semaines/mois précédant.

    Pour les tenues c’est une robe dessinée sur mesure pour Alice (900 €) et le costume rouge et bretelle de Greg en prêt à porter (H&M et Hugo Boss) 300 €. Il n’y avait pas d’électricité sur place donc on fonctionnait avec 4 groupes électrogènes, location de la sono de ballots de foin, de frigidaire, etc…

    Enfin, le lieu était ‘loué’ en échange de sa rénovation, donc pas de dépense monétaire la dessus.”

  • (Français) De belles inspirations

    (Français) « Comme beaucoup, on s’est inspiré des blogs de mariage, et sur Pinterest. Si on parle de notre mariage ici c’est parce que l’on a profité du site d’Un Beau Jour quand on préparait le notre. Greg est Directeur artistique/graphiste du coup il a beaucoup fait selon ses codes/envies (notamment pour les faire part et autres photos d’annonces). Il y avait également beaucoup d’images/vidéo d’archive de la Plage de Boran des précédentes décennies. »

  • (Français) Un lieu de rêve

    (Français) « En Décembre, on a visité un lieu dans le village de la tante de Greg au bord de l’Oise (près de chantilly) qui s’appelle ‘La Plage du Lys-Chantilly’ ou ‘La Plage de Boran’, c’est une base nautique des années 30, abandonnée depuis 20 ans.

    Cela appartient à la mairie de Boran-sur-Oise, le lieu tombait en décrépitude du coup on s’est dit qu’avec l’accord de la mairie et un peu d’aide on pouvait le retaper pour notre mariage. On a béché, karcherisé/peint pendant des semaines/mois. Un pari un peu fou et complètement incertain mais on voulait de l’original pour notre mariage. Et cela sert le service public de rénover un bien de la mairie, ça reste après notre mariage et on en est fier. »

  • (Français) Un photographe de talent

    (Français) « On voulait une approche un peu différente pour les photos de mariage. Diane est l’amie d’un ami de Greg, elle a gentiment accepté de faire la photographe pour notre mariage. Ce n’est pas vraiment son métier, elle est photographe de mode. On avait aussi quelques amis photographes ou graphistes d’invité qui ont fait de belles photos. »

Pretty Fonts

Pretty Fonts

We always advise you to use talented graphic designers like Sarah (who we often personally work with as well) to create all your invitations and stationary for your wedding. It really is work for a professional and a lovely present for your wedding.

However, if this isn’t a priority for you in terms of your budget and you’d like to do a little something yourself, then that’s understandable. And it’s absolutely possible – if you spend enough time on it then it can turn out to be very pretty. By keeping it simple and using these pretty fonts then it can definitely work. For example, a simple coloured background and a few words in bold like this type of card.

We’ve looked for some pretty fonts for you, and the most beautiful always seem to be expensive. Except on Lost Type where you can have them for free! The principle of the site is to “pay what you wish” and so in order to try it out you can pay nothing and download one. But once you’ve found the one you like, it’s nice to give a little something to the author ;)

Here’s our selection:

In order to use the fonts:

– Download them on the site

– Unzip the file on your computer

– On PC, copy this file into your folder: Hard disk (C:) > Windows > Fonts

– They will then appear in the editing software that you use (word, photoshop…)

Nelma Duke Blanch Mission Script Lavanderia Governor Homestead Arvil Sans Wisdom Script
The skirt

The skirt

Here’s a wedding look that we’ve really fallen for: a pretty skirt teamed with a little jumper and/or top. It’s, simple, elegant and relaxed all at the same time. All you need is a pretty tutu and a jumper that goes with it and you’re onto a winner! We’ve found some options that aren’t too expensive on Etsy. I’ve still got lovely memories of the really beautiful outfit of this kind that  Marie Laure wore ;)

A few designers also make skirts or even entire outfits in this style. Laure de sagazan – from the main picture in this post – makes some really beautiful ones, and she’s created quite a few two-piece outfits like this.

Do you like this kind of style? Or would you prefer a beautiful long dress?

Un beau jour : Pauline & John

Un beau jour : Pauline & John

I just love Pauline and John’s philosophy – they really didn’t stress too much about their wedding and so absolutely got the best out of it, which is something that’s quite rare in my opinion. When Pauline said “you’ve got to see it as a huge party that shouldn’t stress you at all… BE HAPPY!” I thought to myself that they were definitely on the right wavelength!

If you also want to share your special memories, send your photos here


“It was in March 2012 and John had just received a little parcel, so I grabbed it and starting to run like a little kid shouting “what is it???”. So he got down on one knee and proposed! (he didn’t have a choice to do it that day because the next day he had a major knee operation which made him hurry to pop the question there and then).”

Find more photos here


Each wedding day is a unique story that Céline tells with her eye for spontaneity, in a photo-journalist type style. The ‘perfect day’ is a magical affair, sublimely fun and well timed, with just a bit of madness and a few details to take it to the next level. And when she falls in love with the happy couple, its even better.

Céline is passionate about NYC, she listens to folk and electro, loves to share fits of laughter, photograph the light at dawn, use different cameras, get inspired by Scandinavian design and wear flower crowns… She splits her time between Hossegor and Paris according to her projects and her inspirations and she dreams of photographing weddings in Europe and abroad…  We wish her all the best in her great work!


“With hindsight, and aside from the usual “enjoy your wedding”, I would say that you should see it as a huge party, which really shouldn’t stress you… BE HAPPY!”


> Photography: Céline Hamelin

> The outfits:

Pauline: dress by Meryl Suissa

John: suit from The Kooples

> The caterer: La TASCA, in Marseille

> Florist: Digitale Fleuriste

> Hairdresser: Fred Marino, in Marseille Read more

Un beau jour : Pryscilla & Simon

Un beau jour : Pryscilla & Simon

On the outskirts of Paris is beautiful little place to get married with a building straight out of a JK Rowling book. Pryscilla & Simon settled upon this spot for their special day. A pretty wedding in an idyllic rural setting!

If you also what to share your special memories, send your photos here



Maxime, one half of the Trentième Etage duo, has been a photographer since 2008. Even though the first wedding he photographed was something he came across by chance, he has since chosen to make it one of his specialties because the emotions are so special when people say “yes”. He enjoys working with different cultures and is always happy to share his experience with any couple who choose to be together in France, or elsewhere…


1 – Make sure you really do your research.

2 – Establish a good relationship with all your suppliers.

3 – Think of all the small details that will make your wedding a reflexion of you and therefore unique.


Behind Les crâneuses, we find Marina and Pauline, wedding planner and designer. With backgrounds in communications and graphic design, and being fond of happy moments, they naturally gravitated towards the world of weddings. They manage the planning and organisation of your big day, and they put all their energy into creating something truly unique for you. You are their first inspiration, and then boldness and creativity do the rest!

“Although there were around 8 months between the selection of the location and the wedding day itself, we did almost everything at the last minute because we live in Brazil.”


> The location and caterer: Le Paris Country Club

> Photography: Trentième Etage

> The outfits:

Pryscilla: dress by Fafi Vasconcellos, shoes by Maria Filo

Simon: Mario Dessuti suit

> Cake: Marina Etchegoyen

> Cake toppers: Nanda Teixeira

> Hairdresser: Frank Provost

Campagne chic

Campagne chic

We just love making photo collections (you may have noticed actually…). But we also know that you sometimes find it frustrating to not know when the photos have come from. In fact, so many of you sent us messages on the ‘princess’ inspiration post, asking us how you can find the shoes and dresses of your dreams. We were snowed under!

So this time I promise you will be able to find everything from the post on Etsy (by clicking on the pictures – the golden flower crown can be found here)! We have been really careful only to use pretty pictures containing things that are available at the moment. We hope that this will help you with you preparations ;)

P.S. follow us on Etsy to see all our daily selections

Un beau jour : Cheryl & Quentin

Un beau jour : Cheryl & Quentin

Today, its a wedding I’ve really fallen in love with, starting off perched in the trees ♥ Cheryl & Quentin organized a wedding which really reflects the two of them as a couple by giving thanks to the traditions of their respective cultures (the tea ceremonies make me very curious).

 If you also want to share your special memories, send your photos here


“Cheryl loves Paris. For her, Paris knows how to maintain an atmosphere that traces her past with a profound and ancient spirit, making it an appealing and magical place. The proposal was very simple, in the heart of Pairs, in a little setting of greenery on the banks of the Seine at the end of the île de la Cité. A sunny Sunday afternoon in February after church, I took her for a picnic at the Ver-Galant park. After lunch, I asked her to close her eyes for a second, and then I got down on one knee to ask her the question of a lifetime. She screamed, kissed me, and then said “yes”. An interesting story is that she is Canadian and without us noticing, the proposal was made in front of a stone commemoration Franco-Canadian friendship.”

Find more photos here


Sybil Rondeau  is a passionate photographer. What better occasion than a wedding to capture human relations, whilst also playing with light and unexpected circumstances? She works in the spirit of reporting the day, with a discreet presence, magnifying all the little moments of the day to tell the story image by image…


1 – The night before a friend’s wedding, I sent her this message: “Don’t stress too much! We have a heavenly father who loves us better and knows us better than we love ourselves and we know ourselves. Not everything will go exactly how you want it to tomorrow – it will be BETTER!”

2 – The celebration of a wedding is not just for the couple. It is a special time for all the family and close friends. There will always be the people who impose their views on what they think you should do. When this happens, remind yourselves that these people love you, and that they want the best for you. Sometimes, it is better to find a compromise for material things (such as decorations, veils, etc.) and to sacrifice some aspects in order to allow certain members of the family to really enjoy the wedding.

3 – If you have enough time, you can find everything that you need on the Internet (including the dress, wedding rings, veil, decorations etc.) But be cautious of hidden charges! Customs rights and retouches for my dress cost me more that the dress itself! Sometimes it’s better to pay a bit more for something you’re sure is of a really high quality.


Preparations in a slightly crazy place Read more

(Français) Un Beau Jour ...

(Français) « Cheryl adore Paris. Pour elle, Paris a su garder une atmosphère empreinte de son passé, une âme ancienne et profonde ce qui la rend attirante et magique. La demande s’est faite simplement, en plein coeur de Paris, dans un petit écrin de verdure sur les bords de Seine à la pointe de l’île de la Cité. Un dimanche après-midi ensoleillé, en plein mois de février, après l’église, je l’ai emmenée pour un pique-nique au parc du Ver-Galant. Après le déjeuner, je lui ai demandé de fermer les yeux un instant, puis me suis agenouillé pour lui poser la question de toute une vie. Elle a crié, m’a embrassé, puis a dit « oui ». Anecdote intéressante, elle est canadienne, et sans nous en apercevoir, la demande a été faite devant une pierre commémorative de l’amitié franco-canadienne. »

(Français) La liste

(Français) Le lieu : Le centre Alema, à Martignas-sur-Jalle

Le photographe : Sybil Rondeau

La tenue de la mariée : robe Davids Bridal, rubans Moline Mercerie, boucles d’oreilles Bazaroïde, chaussures Geox / robe chinoise Fine Chinese Clothing, voile Light in the Box

La tenue du marié : costume Acne studios, chemise Oliver Grant, chaussures Geox / costume chinois Fine Chinese Clothing

Le traiteur : Fraisse

Le vidéaste : Noélie Meckenstock

Les faires parts éléctroniques : Zankyou

Le gîte : Le gîte à JT, situé à Saint Jean d’Illac

(Français) Le photographe

(Français) Sybil Rondeau est une photographe passionnée. Quelle meilleure occasion que le mariage pour saisir les relations humaines, en jouant avec la lumière et tous les inattendus ! Elle travaille dans un esprit de reportage, une présence discrète magnifiant tous les petits moments de cette journée pour la raconter, image après image…

(Français) Les conseils de la mariée

(Français) 1 – La veille du mariage d’une amie, je lui ai envoyé ce message : « Ne stresse pas trop ! Nous avons un Papa céleste qui nous aime et nous connait mieux que nous ne nous aimons et ne nous connaissons nous-même. Tout ne se passera pas exactement comme tu veux demain – ce sera MIEUX ! »

2 – La célébration du mariage n’est pas seulement pour le couple. C’est un moment spécial pour toute la famille et les proches. Il y aura forcément des gens qui imposeront leurs avis sur ce que vous devez faire. Lorsque cela arrive, rappelez-vous qu’ils vous aiment, et qu’ils souhaitent le mieux pour vous. Parfois, il est préférable de trouver un compromis à propos des choses matérielles (déco, voile, etc.), et d’être en retard ou de sacrifier certaines choses pour offrir l’opportunité à un membre de la famille de profiter pleinement du mariage.

3 – Si vous avez assez de temps, vous pouvez trouver tout ce dont vous avez besoin sur Internet (y compris : robe, alliances, voile, décoration etc.). Mais méfiez-vous des faux frais ! Les droits de douane et les retouches pour ma robe me coûtait plus que la robe elle-même ! Parfois, c’est mieux de payer un peu plus pour quelque chose d’une qualité sûre.

  • (Français) Le budget

    (Français) « Nous avons fait beaucoup de choses nous-même pour personnaliser en maximum notre célébration. »

  • (Français) De belles inspirations

    (Français) Thème : Champêtre / Fleurs : La Fleur au Quotidien – Cestas (pour les pots de fleurs sur nos tables), le jardin des parents de Quentin (pour les branches de lavande) / Tables : Tissus-Price.com (toile de jute pour les chemins de table), Voussert.com (nappes), Vinifête.com (serviettes) / Vaisselle : Souchon Location / Chaises : SolutionsTechProd.com / Lanternes: Sous-Le-Lampion.com

  • (Français) Un lieu de rêve

    (Français) « Nous n’avions que 6 mois pour planifier notre mariage. Quand la tante de Quentin nous a proposé son lieu de travail, le centre d’Aléma, nous avons rapidement dit oui. Les pins majestueux qui entouraient le centre nous ont captivé et l’idée de nous engager devant Dieu dans la beauté naturelle de Ses œuvres nous a beaucoup plu. Nous avons toujours voulu une célébration intime et décontractée. Avec la ferme et les cours de récréation du centre, nos petits cousins ne pouvaient être plus heureux ! »

  • (Français) Un photographe de talent

    (Français) “Nous avons trouvé Sybil Rondeau sur Un beau jour !”

Once upon a time

Once upon a time

Since you were little, you’ve collected Disney princess dresses, secretly dreaming that one day you will wear a REAL queen’s dress, given to you by prince charming, in which you will look like a fairytale heroine. Yes but a pretty heroine too, and falling into the fairytale headfirst is a huge danger.

So how can you do it without ending up dressed as Barbie ballerina? You keep… the train? The frills? The glitter? The embellishments? The tulle? The balloon sleeves? The bustier?

So you have to take only one of items listed above and you really go for it: and you drown in frills, or under all that glitter. But certainly not all at once. You wear this with loose hair and forgettable shoes. Personally, I’m drooling over the dress in the Nina advert and I think the heroine is sublime.

If you’ve got a crazy dress, all you need to do is make sure that the rest of the ensemble is more muted to avoid turning into the queen of kitsch despite yourself. Here is a bit of inspiration for the more adventurous out there.