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Un beau jour : Laura & Antoine

I really like Laura’s little story about the postman and her wedding. Sometimes, getting married happens like that, because it’s the right time and we want to do it.

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mariage original

“There wasn’t a marriage proposal. One morning, we laughed about the postman who wouldn’t leave a parcel with Antoine because we didn’t have the same name. We joked about it and said that we just needed to get married. The idea caught on. Eight months later we went to the town hall.”

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photographe de mariage


Céline has an unusual career path. At the age of 6 she played basketball and dreamed of becoming a great champion. At 8, she wanted to be a vet, but she was scared of snakes. At 16, an artist for comic strips. Then finally at 18, she turned towards fine arts.

With training in Graphic Arts and photography, her heart has always been torn between art and photography. After 12 years of experience as Artistic Director at an advertising agency, she returned to her first love: photography.

Based in Paris, she loves travelling and she moves all over the place so that she can capture your story through her lens. That’s what brings her to life, and drives her passion.  She works in reporting with the idea of capturing joyful moments full of emotion, and making them last forever. mariage conseils

1 -Indulge yourself. If you want something badly enough, do it! Nowadays you can find almost anything, and above all, everything has a variety of different budgets. Don’t hesitate spending hours in shops and on the internet before making a decision.

2 -Most of all, don’t stress. I don’t know why, but on the Big Day everything falls into place.

3 - On the Big Day, enjoy the company of your guests, but especially that of your better half.

mariage organisation

Celine Marks (12)

Staying comfortable under a full length dress!

> Setting: Atelier Rrose Selavy in the 9th arrondissement in Paris.

> Photos : Céline Marks

> Outfits :

Laura : dress  Odile Léonard

Antoine : suit  The Kooples

> Flower arrangements : Au nom de la rose

Will you marry me ?

What I love hearing about most every week on Un Beau Jour are the wedding proposals which accompany Monday’s post. I also love watching them all over the internet, especially in videos.

I’m also always really moved by the crazy and imaginative ideas and gems conjured up by future husbands-to-be. They’re often a well thought out trap to surprise their girlfriends, or a planned special moment.

There’s this well known proposal accident ( very questionable but fantastic all the same), the recent marriage proposal snapped by a passer by, the ‘magical’ proposal between Sean & Andrea (Andrea’s reaction always brings a tear to my eye), a crazy proposal on a wakeboard.

marry me

It’s cute to watch, but don’t put yourself under loads of pressure, what matters is that you touch the heart of the person you love.  Don’t propose to a shy person in public for example ;)

And sometimes it doesn’t always go to plan, which happens a lot, but I’ve noticed that future brides-to-be are just as moved…

So here are the most beautiful marriage proposals seen on Un Beau Jour ( and feel free to tell us about them in the commentaries )


Amandine & Julien

Photo Julie Cerise

“We left for China last June for 3 weeks and at the very end of our travels we decided to go and see the edge of the Gobi desert, in Dunhuang.

It’s an incredible place with an oasis right in the middle of huge sand dunes. It hasn’t rained in years in that part of the world. However,we discovered that place in a downpour, alone, wrapped up snugly in our gore tex, sheltered under our umbrellas.

And, it was on top of a sand dune, far from the rest of the world, in apocalyptic conditions that Julien proposed to me.

It was a really moving moment: even though we had spoken about it several times and I knew that it would happen one day or another, but at that precise moment, it was a complete surprise. He then told me that Plan A had been to propose to me on the Wall of China, which we had visited a few days earlier, but the crowd had put him off. On arriving at the desert,  he told himself that this time the rain wouldn’t stop him from asking! And it’s still an incredible memory! ”


Audrey & Frederic

Photo Elodie Winter

“It took place one evening on the 14th July at my parents house. I had a throat infection and was looking at the symbolism of different precious metals and stones online when Frédéric gave me a small red box. He had made me go around so many jewellery shops earlier on in the week but we had returned empty handed. We kissed on the balcony with fireworks exploding in the distance (yes, a total cliché…). We couldn’t wait to tell my parents the good news, who had gone out for the 14th July.”


Romy & Sébastien

photo sarah scott 2

“The marriage proposal took place unofficially, in the dry heat of a bathroom in June. To be more precise, in the privacy of a noisy ventilation system which meant we were sheltered from our (previous) flatmates and their eavesdropping.

Officially, it happened in the scorching heat in the Gracias quarter of Barcelona in August. To be more poetic, under the idyllic inspiration of excellent  blood sausage and wine at a restaurant called Cal Boter.

We then organised the wedding in 5 weeks.”


Lani & Arnaud

photo xavier navarro

“Arnaud proposed to me on my 30th birthday. I was working on a huge presentation for my job, it was an exhausting month, and everyday  I couldn’t wait  to come home and lie down.

However, on that evening, Arnaud had given me strict orders not to come home before 9pm. It was my birthday, so spending an extra evening at work was out of the question, so I left early and spent an hour wandering around our district. I remember I was a bit angry at him for making me hang around like that. When I came home I found Arnaud in our marvelously tidy flat,  (though we had just moved in), filled with candles, and a bottle of champagne on the table. It was our first meal together at our place.

When we had finished eating, he told me to open my present: a packet containing boxing gloves. I said to myself  ” What a great present for my 30th birthday”. He told me to try them on, and asked me “Any good?”, it was in the box that I found a smaller box, with a ring inside. It took me a few moments to understand what was going on… When I realised what was happening, I took him in my arms and cried.

He told me the boxing gloves were because I shake up his life!

I didn’t sleep at all that night, I kept waking up thinking how crazy it was that we were fiancés!”


Angeline & Alexandre

Laurianne Conesa (9)

“It was on the 7th July 2011 in Lisbon, during a festival at a Foo Fighters concert, when the song Everlong was playing to be more precise.

He wanted to propose to me during the song ‘Next Year,’ which is our song. What’s more, I spent the beginning of the concert helping Alex try to throw pieces of paper onto the stage asking the band to play Next Year, because he was going to propose, and I didn’t suspect a thing.

When he realised they hadn’t picked up his bits of paper and that they weren’t going to play it, he fell back on this song, also very well chosen!

I had waited 8 years for that moment, and he really had chosen the place, the evening and the ideal moment, it matched us well, and was what I wanted, it was very us!”