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Make your light!

Today, the case of the dance-hall fairy lights. We’ve seen them in so many photos that there can be no doubt: when it comes to lighting, we could never get bored of them. However, in terms of trying to get hold of them, it’s a bit of an assault course. And then there’s the price… For information, I found some very good ones on this website (tested and approved), but today I would like to show you a very convincing alternative – it’ll save you money, and even the least practical amongst us managed to make it perfectly. Shall I show you?

The equipment that you need: 

-A string of LED lights

-Unbranded (this is very important) ping-pong balls

- A Stanley knife

- Acrylic paint (optional)

- Kebab skewers (optional)

- A paintbrush and something to drive your skewers into (optional)

Time: 30 minutes max for a large string of lights

Cost: Around 20 euros per string of lights

diy etapes


There’s no point in giving you a picture, it’s so simple that it can all be said in a sentence: pierce your ping-pong balls with a little cross, using a Stanley knife, and slide each ball over an LED, pushing gently so that the ball stays in place properly. And that’s it!

You can also entertain yourself, as has been done here, by painting them. To do this, first pierce each ping-pong ball. Drive the kebab skewers into a support to keep them upright, such as floral foam or a cardboard wedge, push the balls onto them, and then simply paint them. As soon as it’s dry, you can slide a ball onto each LED.

In fact, the most difficult part of this project will probably be getting ping-pong balls without any logo or branding on them. I ended up finding mine for €1.50 for 6, in one of the little hardware shops that sells everything and sells it cheaply that you find all over Paris. For the lights, it’s best to choose LED ones, which do not heat up. Generally, I get mine from La Case de Cousin Paul. The price varies from 12 to 15 euros depending on the size chosen. This string of lights is just for indoor use.


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Dis moi oui!

Ta-dah! After months, years in fact (we started it so long ago), our 2nd book will finally be released in bookshops on September 25th!

This has been a lovely project that has seen the light of day thanks to Eyrolles, who had complete confidence in us on everything, to Sarah of the Mister M Studio, our little fairy godmother who dreamed up an Artistic Director for this project who far exceeded our expectations, to the talented photographers and designers who have now been working with us on Un Beau Jour for some years, to the beautiful couples who have trusted us to put their loveliest memories on paper, and to Julie Cerise sur le gateau, with whom we have produced the front cover of our dreams.

Making our cover was a lot of work, but we had such a precise idea of how we wanted it to be. I still remember the little café where we imagined a little bride on a ladder arranging a garland… We spoke about it to Julie, who saw straight away what that could yield.

A short hop by plane to Toulouse and her super photo studio, many kilos of confetti and garlands, quite a bit of time trying to find the right pose, a long dress (Violette tannenbaum) that we didn’t want for the photo but which then magically took its place during the last 3 photos, just like that… And the cover was in the can – it was quite something to hold it in our hands on Monday!

So here is our book, all shiny and new, available for pre-order on our online shop. In it, as well as some of the most inspirational weddings that we’ve seen on the website, you will find 16 DIYs to make for your very own Big Day (or go crazy and do them for a bit of home decoration), which we have tried to make as easy to produce as possible (you should have seen our office covered in confetti, sequins and different adhesives during the shoots).

Here are also some photos from the production of our cover, which was one hell of a challenge, and the beautiful video made by the Julie Cerise team – we really hope that you like everything.

(Music by Odland)