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Beautiful bridesmaids

Charlotte Auzou is a brilliant creative who has decided to come to the rescue of bridesmaids and guests.

She offers to personalize your dress, from A to Z. You choose the top, the bottom, the finishing touches, and the material. A dress that’s totally unique to you.

It’s a really lovely idea for future bridesmaids, who can in this way wear the same dress in lots of different colours, or the same colour but in different cuts.

To present her models, Charlotte decided to create several different atmospheres, one in which orange, powder pink and liberty prints combine in perfect harmony, and another that’s a bit more rock’n'roll, involving some little black dresses.

Lifestories-Wedding-Auzou1 Lifestories-Wedding-Auzou4 Lifestories-Wedding-Auzou6 Lifestories-Wedding-Auzou9 Lifestories-Wedding-Auzou10 Lifestories-Wedding-Auzou12 0003_lifestories_wedding_charlotte_auzou_ss2015_MK3_7901 0004_lifestories_wedding_charlotte_auzou_ss2015_MK3_7906Lifestories-Wedding-Auzou13 Lifestories-Wedding-Auzou15Lifestories-Wedding-Auzou17 Lifestories-Wedding-Auzou22

Photography: Lifestories Wedding
Hair and make up: Alexiane Guyon
Design: Charlotte Auzou

Wedding dress: Violette Tannenbaum

Models: Chloé, Julie, Kâlyane, Laura

In case of tears (of joy !)

Are you the one who can not help but cry rivers of tears when the lovers say YES? Also are you the one who realize at the critical moment, that you forgot to take tissues ? If you are, you’ll love this idea of small tissue packs to be distributed just before starting the wedding ceremony :)

You need a very few things :
- The file to download
- Tissues
- Tracing/glassine paper
- Scissors
- Glue

Time Spent : Allow one hour and a half for a hundred small packs
Count ten euros for a hundred small packs.

diy etapes

It is so simple : you just have to print the file, cut along the line ( rather inside the contour, for a clean cut ) and fold the sides of the envelope, glue together the left side, the right side and the bottom, slide a tissue ( and small confettis, if you want )(I always want to add confettis, glitter…) , and then close the bag by folding the last side, but without sticking.

Note : Yes , you can print on tracing paper, using an InkJet printer ( at least, it works perfectly fine on mine). You just have to wait just before touching the paper, because it takes a few minutes to the ink to dry properly, especially if you use black. Also, it is better to use light patterns, which does not require too much ink. Enjoy!






DIY telecharger


La Tamponneuse and Un Beau Jour 2015

Hey hey hey! We have a little surprise for you today ;)

You’re probably already aware of our little range of personalizable stamps, which has now been around for a year. To celebrate this, with our friends from La Tamponneuse and the amazing Sarah from the Mister M studio, we wanted to offer you a second collection. The others will still be available on the online shop, but here are 4 little new ones that you can add to your collection.

They each have a pretty little name: BalloonDiamondAnchor and Arrow. Like the others they are pre-inked, and you have the choice of 5 lovely colours.

We hope you’ll love them even more than the first ones! To order yours, follow this link!



tampons-nouvelle-collection-004 tampons-nouvelle-collection-005 tampons-nouvelle-collection-006 tampons-nouvelle-collection-007 tampons-nouvelle-collection-008