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DIY – Watercolor place cards

For a long time I wanted to use this lovely watercolor box (I got them as a birthday gift). Pretty place cards, with a funny little trick that makes you want to do lots of pretty things with it :)

Material :
- From watercolor paper
- From painting , brushes and water
- From masking gum fluid
- A rule and a cutter
- A pencil
- A black pen

Time : Allow two hours for a hundred invitations.
Budget: Allow forty euros for a hundred ( watercolor paper is quite expensive).

diy etapes


1. Start by marking the cards size (here: 5x7cm).

2. This is where you’ll have fun: in this DIY, we use the masking gum fluid. Basically, it’s a product that allows you to avoid painting parts of the paper, which works like a stencil.

Here some tips to use it properly :
- Always remember to shake the bottle before use.
- Tap to allow air to escape, and you can start to draw.
- Don’t take the bottle like a pencil, but perpendicular to the paper.
- The more you work faster, the slightest is your draw.
- If you ever make a bubble or a stain, blot with a bit of paper towel and, if necessary, let it dry, rub to remove and try again :)
- Close the bottle when you are not using it.
- I had fun drawing arrows, feather and foliage, but you can even, with a little practice, writing the names of your guests or make pretty patterns.

Once you are happy with your design, let dry completely (about fifteen minutes).

3. Now you can paint, mixing colors, adding water stains … Once this is done, let it dry completely (otherwise you’ll have a surprise, next step)

4. Remove the masking gum fluid. It will go effortlessly. Consider having clean, dry hands when you do this.

5. Cut your carts to the desired dimensions and shoo! It’s done!

DIY-marque-place-aquarelle-002 DIY-marque-place-aquarelle-003gDIY-marque-place-aquarelle-003d DIY-marque-place-aquarelle-004gDIY-marque-place-aquarelle-004d DIY-marque-place-aquarelle-005