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(Français) London Calling par Stéphanie Wolff

(Français) London Calling par Stéphanie Wolff

On est super contentes aujourd’hui de vous dévoiler un petit aperçu de la future collection de robes de mariée de Stéphanie Wolff.

Elle s’est associée à l’Artisan Photographe pour réaliser ce joli shooting ambiance rétro 70′s. Ils ont choisi comme terrain de jeu différents quartiers de Londres et on adore le résultat, voyez un peu !

LartisanPhotographe-camden2 LartisanPhotographe-camden3LartisanPhotographe-camden4LartisanPhotographe-camden5LartisanPhotographe-camden6LartisanPhotographe-camden7LartisanPhotographe-camden11LartisanPhotographe-camden12LartisanPhotographe-camden13

LartisanPhotographe-Soho-stpancrass3 LartisanPhotographe-Soho-stpancrass4
LartisanPhotographe-Soho-stpancrass6 LartisanPhotographe-Soho-stpancrass7 LartisanPhotographe-Soho-stpancrass5LartisanPhotographe-Soho-stpancrass8 LartisanPhotographe-Soho-stpancrass9 LartisanPhotographe-Soho-stpancrass10 LartisanPhotographe-Soho-stpancrass11 LartisanPhotographe-Soho-stpancrass13LartisanPhotographe-Soho-stpancrass12LartisanPhotographe-Soho-stpancrass14LartisanPhotographe-Soho-stpancrass15LartisanPhotographe-Soho-stpancrass16 LartisanPhotographe-Soho-stpancrass17LartisanPhotographe-Soho-stpancrass18 LartisanPhotographe-Soho-stpancrass19LartisanPhotographe-Soho-stpancrass2006enenen

Photo : l’Artisan Photographe

Bijoux : Dorothée Florès

Accessoires : Art & facts

Chaussures : Dessine-moi un soulier

Calligraphie : Nice Plume

Costume : Faubourg Saint Sulpice

DIY – Copper and pots !

DIY – Copper and pots !

Plants are the undisputed queens of marriage decorations. We tend to always think about flowers more than about green plants, especially yucca or cacti, when actually these little fellows don’t cost much at all, and can even act as little gifts to hand out to guests after the brunch on the day after the wedding.

In a similar way, pot plants in baked clay pots are great because you can personalize them in all sorts of ways. You can paint them, varnish them, print pictures on them or, like we’ve done here, draw what you want on them with stencils…


Things you need:
- The downloadable file
- One little pot per table
- Fine sketching paper
- Repositionable spray glue
- A can of copper-colored spray paint
- A Stanley knife
- A lil’ plant :)
- Perhaps a bit of masking tape

Budget: Allow between 1 and 1.50 euros for each pot and about 10 euros for the cans of paint and glue (you will have more than enough to do all your pots with a can of each)
Time: Give yourself about half an hour to do two or three pots and as much as two hours to do about twenty.

diy etapes


1. Start by printing off the downloadable file (or use your own font) and carefully cut out your letters. Use a fine sketching paper (printing paper is a bit too fragile and thick drawing paper won’t be flexible enough) to print it out.

Then, turn over all your words, symbols or figures so that they look like they’re reflected in a mirror. Coat them in the repositionable glue by “spritzing” the can about 20cm away from the paper. You can now stick and unstick the paper as you need. This repositionable glue is the secret to a good stencilling.

2. Turn the letters and words back over and stick them where you want them to appear on your clay pot. Press them down firmly to ensure that everything is thoroughly stuck to the pot, and that the area that you don’t want to paint is fully covered. Pay particular attention to your edges.

3. Spray the copper paint evenly all over the pot and leave it to dry for a few minutes (it dries very quickly).

4. Peel off your stencils and you’re all done. All that’s left to do is to pop in a cute little plant.


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