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Pimp your ring holder

I have a passion for glass boxes… and I get the impression that I’m not alone. There’s something a little magical about them that is perfectly suited to a wedding.

So today, here are four really simple ideas for doing things with your ring boxes to adapt them to your own tastes and the theme of your day. Each of these only required a maximum of 10 minutes of my attention, so it’s really nothing to get worked up about as far as organisation is concerned.

diy etapes

No steps for once, just a few ideas from which you might get a bit of inspiration. The only thing to remember is to ensure that you have something to keep the rings in place so that they don’t end up hidden in the base of the box.

1. You can fill it with linen. There’s no need to make a little cushion (there’s nothing to stop you doing this, but it might take a while): prettily roll up a little square of old linen (I used the fabric of an old cloth belonging to my great-grandmother, you can easily find this kind of thing in second-hand shops), insert it into the box, and just thread a little tie on the top to hook your rings onto.

2. Cut a few branches of bright green fir and slip them into the box, by rolling them up. Pass the rings over one of the branches to ensure that they do not fall to the bottom, and there you go.

3. Use dead leaves gathered from the garden. Go for leaves that are red, green, or wine-coloured to give a pretty contrast with the gold. Use the stalk of a dry leaf to thread the rings together, and set it across the box once you have filled it with leaves.

4. Use shells you accumulated during your last holiday at the beach. Choose smaller shells and, if possible, try to maintain colour harmony (here, yellow periwinkles). Use a hollow shell to hold the rings (mother-of-pearl, fish operculum, scallop shells…), and it’s complete.

Where to find your box…

As is evident here, there’s not really anything complicated about this. The only difficulty is finding your box. Luckily, at the moment they’re quite fashionable. I had a quick search to give you a few leads, but there are definitely plenty of other sources to be found. I’ll pre-empt your question – the box used for the photos is from Urban Outfitters, but it seems to be currently out of stock.


1. Urban Outfitters – €29 // 2. H & M Home – €12.99 // 3. Anthopologie  - £20 // 4. Le Petit Mariage (Etsy) – €41.36 // 5. Bee Jay Kay (Etsy) – €33.09 // 6. Zara Home – €35.99