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Golden paper signs

We’re into the festive season, and if you’re planning for a wedding in the months to come, it’s now or never to go and make a few purchases. At the minute, you’ll find that there are thousands of things that are much easier to buy now than at any other time of the year. Strings of fairy lights, for example, but also a thousand other shiny things (glitter, fake snowflakes, ribbons), and of course wrapping paper, which can be used for so many different things: making favour gifts, dressing a space (for example for a Photobooth), or, like here, making signs to help your guests find their way around.

In short, this is the time to make your decorations shopping list – you’ll thank yourself when it comes to May.

The equipment you will need:

- The downloadable template

- Gold wrapping paper

- A pair of scissors and a Stanley knife

- Blu-tack (or similar)

- Masking tape

- An embosser or tapestry needle

Time: Allow around 20 mins for a word and its arrow

Cost: Less than 10 euros (wrapping paper, blu-tack and masking tape)
diy etapesDIY-paper-signs-howto-600

1. Print the downloadable file (I have prepared lots of words for you to choose from), and put it together using masking tape.

2. Turn your template over and transfer the outline of the text onto the back of the gold paper, using an embosser or a round-ended tapestry needle. You could trace the text, but by doing it this way you gain a step: the embosser traces a mark in relief on the paper, which acts as a very good reference point.

3. Cut out the text that you have just traced, using scissors for the outlines and the cutter for the shapes to be removed (be careful, as wrapping paper has a tendency to rip).

4. And there you are! All that needs to be done now is to stick your little signs everywhere that you want them. As you only need blu-tack to hold them in place, you can stick them everywhere – the owner of the room that you are renting for the occasion won’t reproach you for it.

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