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Old botanical book placecards

Do you remember this gold mine? Every week, I have a new urge for a DIY that includes these wonderful free of copyright botanical/naturalist illustrations. This week, here is a very simple way, which will not take to long, of using them to create your table plan, or even place cards.

The equipment that you need: 

- The downloadable template

- A pair of wavy-edge scissors

- Dressmakers’ headed pins

- A large piece of cardboard (optional)


If you have more than 100 guests, plan for it taking up a whole afternoon, including time for editing, printing, cutting and pinning.


The price of wavy-edged scissors is sometimes fairly high (around 20 euros), but if you already own a pair, this will not cost you more than 10 euros (the price of your printer ink).


diy etapes

Although it’s uncustomary, I haven’t done a step by step photo sequence for this DIY: it’s really not necessary. All you need to do is download the file, edit it in Photoshop so that the table numbers and names of your guests are written on it, print the file and cut out each card with wavy-edged scissors. Then, you simply pin them where you wish to place them. Personally, I used a large piece of unprocessed cardboard, but you could also fix them to a large wooden door or any other support on which you are allowed to do this. The main thing is having long needles to slightly separate the cards from the back.

In the downloadable file, you will find the font that was used in this example, which made up the majority of my searches and which is pretty similar to the old fonts used for botanical illustrations :)

The file offers you a set of 6 different cards. But with this Flickr album devoted to butterflies, album devoted to butterflies, what could be better for easily completing the collection? (Don’t hesitate to do your own research too: insects, flowers, mushrooms… there are plenty enough for, if you wish, a different image for each guest). Even if you don’t know the basics of Photoshop, don’t hesitate to have a go at it, it’s really not to complicated. Enjoy yourself!

DIY-botanical-book-004b DIY-botanical-book-004g DIY-botanical-book-003d DIY-botanical-book-003g


a href=”” target=”_blank”DIY telecharger

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Great ideas to steal

As you may have noticed, sometimes “an idea to steal” introduces itself into our wedding reports. We thought it might be nice to create a little selection of the ideas that we really liked!

This lets you see (or see again) some great reports, as well as inspiring you and perhaps making you want to reinterpret them in your own way.

So there we are – let’s go!


Tote bags as favours for guests at the wedding of Delphine & Aymeric



Chéryl & Quentin‘s preparations in a bit of a crazy place



Fannie & Antoine‘s post-ceremony celebration in a bar



Rachel‘s little denim jacket!



Entertaining yourselves with tattoos, like the guests of Angéline & Alexandre



This vintage mug, a favour gift for the guests of Jessica & Vincent



Marion‘s coloured dress ♥  



The bandstand after Audrey & Romain‘s civil ceremony



A little corner of nature beautifully arranged for the secular ceremony of Mathilde & Morgan



The guests in white, and the bride and groom, Stéphanie & Adrien, in colours



Preparing a little camping area for your friends to sleep in so that you can carrying on partying all night, like Alice & Grégory



Making paper aeroplanes for the departure from the town hall, a lovely idea from Anne-Charlotte & Antoine



Renting a VW campervan to arrive at the reception, just like Paloma & Jérémie did!



Camille & Blake replaced rice with lavender



Laurette & Yves‘s star in the middle of the dance floor



A path of little coloured hearts for Raly & Steven‘s ceremony



Photo credits: Julie Cerise (1 and 3), Sybil Rondeau (2), Lucie Sassiat (4), Lauriane Conesa (5), Sebastien Boudot (6), Florence Moncenis (7 and 8), Blanc Coco (9), Martin Condomines (10), Diane Sagnier (11), Anne-Sophie Bost (12), Monsieur + Madame (13) Boaz Teitelbaum (14), Sandrine Bonnin (15), K-Pture (16).