For several years, we’ve been following the work of Pimprunelle photography, the little film trailblazer of wedding photography, and I have to say that she always knows how to surprise us. A wedding dress shoot at Hellfest – it’s crazy and awesome at the same time!

Pimprunelle tells us how she came up with the mad idea of putting wedding dresses into this heavy metal dominion:

“It was nearly a year ago that an idea first started to form in my mind: what if we were to do a shoot at Hellfest? I had never even set foot in the festival, but the images that I had seen of it were amazing. So I suggested the idea to my partners (AndralysLola Framboise and Le Petit Ministère), not really knowing how they would take it… But the idea wowed them straight away, so we launched the project, which wasn’t one of the easiest. We couldn’t have privileged access, so we had to act like all the other festivalgoers. The cars were parked a long way from the entrance, it was 35 degrees that day, and so it was that we had to move all my photography equipment (including 2 medium-format film cameras, just to make it really fun) and 2 wedding dresses, complete with accessories J

So our two models, Elodie and Marion, went off to get changed in the cars, and returned in bridal attire, giving rise to a few “little” crowds. We didn’t have any preconceived plans about what we were going to be able to shoot, the idea was simply to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere, and to work on a reportage – and we weren’t disappointed!

That evening, the band Black Sabbath were playing on the main stage, and with the heat, the dust, and the unbelievable installations and decorations, it seemed more like we were on the Mexican border than in Clisson, with an atmosphere taken straight from Robert Rodriguez’s ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’”.

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