To help you forget all about the winter blues, here’s Julie and Christophe’s pretty, sunny marriage! It’s the last of the year on Un Beau Jour. Thank you to everyone for your beautiful photos and thank you for allowing us to publish your memories on Un Beau Jour ;)

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“The proposal was made in August of 2012. Could anything more beautiful happen in a summer? We had already spoken and laughed about the ideal proposal, and I’d always told to him (if the day should ever occur) to avoid a carefree scene with flashy jewellery, surrounded by onlookers.  So very simply, but in such a clever way, after an evening in a restaurant with friends in August (that wasn’t at all planned), he proposed to me in our apartment with a little slide show that he’d created and with a wooden ring! It was therefore with tired, starry eyes that I said YES without the slightest hesitation!”

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After having studied Applied Arts and photography, Marie became a photographer. She collaborates with various magazines, designers and stylists, whilst also displaying her personal work in galleries.

Once upon a time, a couple, very much in love, came to ask her to photograph their wedding. Marie was touched and said yes. The experience proved to be a good one… so good in fact that she decided to create Le Grenier de Marie!


1 – Make sure you agree only with your fiancé on what you want from the day and don’t let anyone influence you. This moment of thought is precious and will define everything that follows…

2  – Never stray from your ideas, no matter who’s judging them.

3 – Surround yourself by great people and learn how to delegate!

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> The locationLe domaine de la Castelette, at Tour D’Aigues (84)‎

> Photographer: Le grenier de Marie

> The outfits:

Julie: Dress made by Jennifer, from the Parisian boutique Les étoiles

Christophe: suit Oliver Grant

> The caterer: Fréderic Bernard

> Hairdresser: The hair salon Nouvel’Hair, at Tour d’Aigues

> Florist: Pétales de Rose, at Tour d’Aigues

> Camping (a week before the wedding) : Le camping de la Bonde