Today we have quite a different kind of wedding, but you’ll soon see what we mean… Hopefully it’ll make you want to follow your wildest dreams on the big day ;)

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mariage original

“We had already been together for 15 years, so there wasn’t really a wedding proposal, more of a general desire to have a party to bring together our family and friends.”

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photographe de mariage


As a home portrait photographer, Sandrine Bonnin is passionate about human relationships, and the links that unite us. So it’s natural that she looks at your special days with gentleness and involvement.

She loves feeling the excitement of an imminent “I do”, meeting new people, laughing with the guests, quirkiness, the reportage spirit, the atmosphere of Eastern films, and American cinema.

mariage conseils

1 – Try to make the most of having all of your guests there – despite having the help of lots of people, I feel like I didn’t spend enough time with the guests.

2 – Do what makes you happy. We were really pleased with our day, because it seemed to really resemble us.

3 – We decided to have a meal without a caterer, but thanks to the energy of Anne Jacq, our private chef, we had a buffet for the aperitif, hiring two extra people for the evening, so we limited the number of things to do done, and the food was flawless on the evening itself, so it was really great.

mariage organisation

> The venueLe Domaine de Méros in Plonevez du Faou

> Photography: Sandrine Bonnin

> The clothes:

Marie: dress by Ligne Océane (in Dakar)

Erwan: Waistcoat by Ligne Océane, shirt by Hugo Boss, trousers bought in Brest in the shops on Rue de Siam.

> CateringAnne Jacq, private chef.

> Stationery (menus) : Fanny Calligraphie