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mariage original

“We were on holiday together in Corsica; we’d been to a little restaurant and had an evening stroll. We were sitting on a wooden bench in one of the little lanes of the upper town of Bonifacio. There was no need for a balloon ride to make it romantic; we wanted to keep it simple.”

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photographe de mariage

FabienLBMFabien tries to steer clear of the old clichés that you can get at weddings, getting away from the conventional whilst always staying true to the essential point… capturing your joie de vivre!

He feels that it is very important for him to be in harmony with his couples, creating a bond that allows him to remain creative but to also capture the pure moments that really resemble them.

mariage conseils

1 – MAKE THE MOST OF EVERYTHING: It’s your wedding, not your parents’, so make the most of YOUR friends/cousins/nearest and dearest on the big day. Ok, it’s nice to see all of your parents’ friends who have come to celebrate with you and be with you on this day, but most of them have already been through this experience and therefore understand that on the day of your wedding you just want to have a ball, so don’t worry about thanking or talking to every guest individually – savour the present moment and, above all, enjoy being with your husband.

2 – SIMPLE & NATURAL: keep your make-up simple, just be as you always are with a little touch of extra beauty, but only a little touch. Erring on the natural side is always a good option, because above all you should be comfortable in yourself.

3 – BE FREE TO MOVE WITHOUT WORRYING SO YOU CAN BE AT EASE: choose a hairstyle that is elegant but also practical, and which holds well (make sure it would stand up to dancing, or any of the myriad of other unexpected things that could happen on the day). The same goes for your dress – it’s important to be free, to be able to move easily and to feel at ease to dance all night into the small hours (this is why I chose to add a large split to my dress).

> The venue: Le Maora Beach in Bonifacio in the Sant’ Amanza gulf.

> Photography: Fabien of Les Bons Moments

> Clothes:

Laure: Home-made dress

Angel: Jacket and trousers by The Kooples and shirt by De Fursac

> Catering: Maora Beach restaurant

> Hairdressing: MJC STUDIO in Figari

> Flowers: Petite Fleur in Bonifacio

> Laure & Angel’s website