Today we’re reflecting on our message from Naouel, who told us about how with only a small budget, she and Olivier had managed to organize a lovely civil ceremony.

So for example, her whole outfit: dress, shoes, tights, floral crown, hair and makeup came in at no more than 170 euros. Remember the tip to take a makeup class: useful for the big day itself, as well as for the rest of your life.

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mariage original

“Olivier proposed to me during a weekend together in Vienna. We’d already been together for 4 years. The fact that he made quite sure that there was a safe in the hotel room and his obvious stress gave me a bit of a clue! I wanted to give him a great big I DO but really I was a lot more shy than that. I wasn’t quite ready for it…

It was 4 years later, upon seeing such lovely photos on Un Beau Jour and reading these moving stories that the idea finally blossomed. Finally I wanted the time to stop, to bring together our nearest and dearest and to tell him “I love you” in the perfect setting for us.”

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photographe de mariage

flo moncenis bdef carreFlo Moncenis chose to photograph the most wonderful thing about humankind: our capacity to share. What interests her most is kindness, conversations and new encounters.

Her main goal is transpose the emotions and mood into her photo reportage. What’s more, she’s committed to being as close to you and your guests as possible so as to best capture this wonderful moment in your lives.

For her, wedding photos have to be like a great classic piece of music that stays with you throughout your whole life but which you never get tired of hearing.

Her photos are lively, colorful, distinctive, but also with a touch of sweetness.

mariage conseils

1 – If you’ve decided to do a good wedding with a small budget, it’s definitely possible. You have to commit to it and not desire everything.

You will have to make some choices, and stop comparing your wedding to those with a huge budget; you can still get something to please you. I had to keep repeating to myself (and my dearly beloved also made me understand it) that what mattered was style over content. It’s true that it’s not always easy, but in the end it took a whole load off my mind.

2 – Yes, designer wedding dresses are divine, but it can be just as fun to choose a robe on Asos. Whether you want a classic style or something more rock, there’s something there for all tastes (especially shorter styles I have to say). And if you get it wrong, it doesn’t matter, you can buy another: mine cost me 30€. And I didn’t just choose it by default, but took the time to pick between a few different styles.

> Location: Restaurant La Nouvelle Seine: a barge with a veranda at the foot of Notre Dame.

> Photography: Flo Moncenis

> Outfits:

Naouel: dress from Asos, shoes from Minelli, floral crown from K is for Kani, OUI ring from Lala Design Studio

Olivier: suit from Samson and shirt from H&M

> Caterer: from the restaurant

> Makeup: makeup class with MAC

> Wedding bandsMonsieur Paris