Today we are honoured to present the first wedding shot by Julie Cerise. Some of you contacted her while she was just starting off as a wedding photographer after the publication of our post. Well, those who tried her were right!

Amandine is one of them and her lovely wedding with Julien in Provence is breathtaking…

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“Last June, we went to China and at the very end of our trip, we decided to go and see the gates of the Gobi desert, in Dunhuang.

It is an amazing place with an oasis planted in the middle of spectacular sand dunes. You can spend years without rain in this part of the world. However, it was during a heavy rainstorm that we discovered the site, all alone, wrapped in our gore tex, taking shelter under umbrellas.

It was at the top of a dune, just the two of us, under apocalyptic weather conditions that Julien asked me to marry him.

It was a very moving moment: even though we had talked about it several times and I knew that one day or another, it would happen but at that precise moment, it was a huge surprise. Afterwards he told me he had initially planned on proposing on the Great Wall of China where we were a few days earlier, but the crowd discouraged him. Once we had arrived in the desert, he thought the rain could not stop him from proposing! It was a very emotional moment for us!

One year later, we said our vows to one another…

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Anaïs Kugel, Julie Cerise, her second and third names is a dreamer-photographer who usually works in fashion and for magazines.

Inspired by the lovers and their beautiful wedding ceremony, here she is, on her unexpected journey to wedding photography!

With a subtle look, she tells us stories and captures moments that must be remembered.

French bride

1-   Planning ahead in order to organize the ceremony as calmly as possible and to avoid a panic, even if, I have to admit, we seriously finalized the preparation two weeks before the wedding. I would also say that you have to manage it as a professional project by splitting the tasks depending on each other’s availability, and ask for a little help from your friends when it is possible.

2-   ENJOY every single moment. On the wedding day, time goes by very quickly and you can’t waste it by stressing. I am quite an anxious woman and we organized a lot of things for the wedding ourselves.

The stress slowly grew a few weeks before the ceremony and I admit that just before going to the City Council, my stomach was in knots: it was not the commitment that worried me but bad organization.

Then, once we arrived in front of the City Council, I saw Julien and from that exact moment, I just let go. We both were relaxed for the ceremony and the party and we enjoyed it a lot.