What a handsome and stylish coupe we have for you today (Nawell’s dress is just so lovely)!

It was down to Mélissa, aka Mamazelle to capture the best moments, and we love her work here as much as ever!

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“It was July, and we had been invited round to a friend’s house. Later in the evening, when we were a little bit apart from the others, Guillaume whispered his proposal in my ear, so that I was the only one to hear it. It was such a beautiful moment, and even more touching because it was so unexpected!”

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melissaMamazelle, otherwise Melissa Lenoir, is an artistic photographer who has been specializing in weddings and child photography since 2009.

With her background as an artist and graphic designer, she sees the poetry of the modern world for anyone who is a dreamer or just loves life!

Based in Montpellier, Mamazelle is happy to move all round France and travel across the world.

1 – Follow your desires.

We’ve all got people in our close circle who are already married. It’s normal at the start to ask their advise about the bigger things, as you don’t always know where to go to and there’s so much to plan. But I would really advice you to really go with what you want. Don’t get sent off course by other people’s advise: it can sometimes be useful, but it can also stop the bride and groom choosing what they want.

2 – Don’t pile on too much pressure on the day itself, and bear in mind that you’ve been preparing for this day for months. Take the time to step back for a few seconds and realize that this is it it, and that you have to make the most of it; the most important thing is that all your nearest and dearest have come to celebrate this day with you.

3 – Eat! You have so much to do, what with photos, friends to see, family… You can easily forget to try the cocktail and the dishes that you’ve chosen.


> LocationChâteau de Flaugergues in Montpellier (34)

> Photography: Mamazelle

> Outfits:

Nawell: Dress by Rime Arodaky, style called Olsen, found in the shop Ma Robe (in Toulouse)

Guillaume: Suit by Louis Purple

> CatererCabiron