Even though the world of weddings has changed a lot over the past 3 years, from what we’ve heard from you it seems that finding a good DJ can still be a tricky issue.

 In this article, we have already talked about the different alternatives that are available to really bring your evening to life, and there’s also this one, where we gave you a few leads for your playlists.

Finding the super DJ who gives you a good feeling, or the group that will play your favourite pieces to perfection, will perhaps be the last piece in your jigsaw.

But a wind of change is blowing (perhaps a little too gently, but it’s there all the same), and today we’re really pleased to present to you (again) not one but two brilliant DJs: les Garçons d’honneur. We’ve only heard good things about them, and the messages that havev flocked to us from couples who are just over the moon that they trusted them with their big day make us more than happy to recommend them to you again.

These vinyl collectors are back with a little video, created for the launch of their new their new website, which is brand spanking new and beautiful.

The perfect opportunity for you to (re)discover them! ;)

And these boys are so very brilliant that they’ve even created a super mix for us especially for this occasion: the Garçons d’honneur picnic.

It’s a selection packed with pieces full of sun and hot sand. In short, a lovely Calypso-tropi-cool mix that’s perfect for kick-starting an evening in celebration of love.


But don’t be mistaken, the rhythm of their evenings is an ever-rising crescendo – this is just a little taster of what you can expect.

So let yourself be lulled by the music, and reserve your date – get in quick, as there won’t be enough for everyone!