We tell you a lot that preparations for a wedding are an integral part of the process, and often create unforgettable family memories. Aurélie & Jace made the absolute most of theirs, and the great energy they put in really carried through to the day of their wonderful wedding!

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mariage original

“Jace proposed to me on 9th August 2013 in Bonifacio, in Corsica.

We still hadn’t moved in together. I was still spending most of my time in Paris, and he in Sydney. We were spending the summer in Corsica near Ajaccio, and we’d decided to go on a two-day visit to Bonifacio.

On the first night after dinner, we had gone for a walk along the top of Bonifacio cliff. I was tired and had no desire to climb all those steps. I didn’t get why Jace insisted so much on going to see the view when we’d already seen it that afternoon. I really didn’t make the job easy for him!

After having grumbled and gasped my way up all those steps, I wanted to go straight back down again. In the end we did keep walking for a little bit, and it was in that magical place that Jace asked me to marry him.

It was kind of funny, I didn’t take him seriously at first, I was joking around. And then when he gave me his ring I understood that he was serious. The ring was too big and I wore it on my index finger for a month or two, but that actually worked out pretty well because I love wearing rings on that finger. It took me a while to decide to get it made smaller. But under the disappointed gaze of my loved one, I conceded to do it.”

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Martin Condomines created his little company ‘Say Cheers’.

” ‘Say Cheers’ was born out of the desire to create the complete opposite of standard “Say cheese!” photographs. Say goodbye to kitsch poses in the middle of a lavender field, I want to tell the story of your marriage with a bit of spontaneity.

Beyond a shared aesthetic, I have had the chance to share some very emotional moments with newlyweds. These days I am proud to have contributed in my way to the success of their wonderful wedding days.”

mariage conseils

1 – Don’t take all the organizing too seriously. The unplanned things are often the ones that make the best surprises.

2 – Take a few minutes to spend just you and your beloved during the night, simply to get to enjoy this wonderful, wonderful day together (I regret not having done it).

> Location: private

> Photography: Martin Condomines from Say Cheers

> Outfits:

Aurélie: Dress designed herself, created in Sydney.

Jace: Suit The suit shop

> CatererMarie Chemorin

> Outfits for bridesmaids and page boys: (dresses, floral crowns): Louise Misha

> Flowers: Atelier après la pluie in Orléans

> Tulle pompoms: Oscar et Lila

> TextilesMorgane Giner

> Hair & Make-up: Andrea Carvalho (andrea.makup.hair@gmail.com)

> DJMaïssa (maissaparis@gmail.com)