Our New Year’s resolution for this year: to occasionally offer you themed weeks, aiming to reveal certain important subjects in greater depth.

This week, we wanted to talk about bridal showers, and to do so it seemed the obvious choice to open up the stage to the queens of Bridal Shower shoots: Anouch and Laurence, the pair behind Epouse-moi Cocotte. So they’re getting the ball rolling this week with this retro-rock feel photoshoot, accompanied by some of their prize advice.


How much
>> time in advance <<
do you take to set up a bridal shower shoot?

Most of the time people get in touch with us between 2 and 4 month beforehand. In peak season, that’s about how much time we need to properly prepare for a photoshoot. The shoot is frequently part of a wider schedule full of surprises for the bride-to-be, so there’s a whole logistical side to take into account. By foreseeing these other commitments, we get our choice of time slot, as well as time to prepare the shoot and importantly to chat with all those involved about the dress-code; second only to to a good sense of humour, this is the key part of a successful photoshoot ;)

In actual terms, what do we do to
>> encourage everyone <<
to do something a little bit silly?

When the girls’ idea isn’t to make a fool of the bride-to-be by dressing her up as a pink bunny rabbit, we help them to make her look great… otherwise we try and dissuade them :)

For example, if a wedding has a ‘rural’ theme, we can transpose that into a a more subtle and practical dress code. Or we could put together a shoot for 10 girls on bicycles as a nod to a bride-to-be who loves Paris and is never without her two-wheeler.

But the kind of crazy ideas often come about in unpredictable ways. It’s one of the great wonders about outdoor shoots that the city offers up its fair share of surprises: the state policeman who carries the bride-to-be, the dog that sneaks in on a photo, and even the lovely grandpa who improvises a waltz with the girls.

Location is also super important. That’s why it’s the photographer who chooses it, according to the size of the group and the dress code. We scout out new locations throughout the year to let our subjects discover Paris’ hidden treasures.

What’s your role
>> in advance <<
of the shoot?

We always give a set of beauty advice over email. We also send lookbooks adapted to each season. It helps to formulate outfit ideas and to choose a coherent dress code with the whole group, and with special consideration for the tastes of the bride-to-be

Since the start of this year we’ve also been offering a collaboration with Les Herbes Hautes: this takes the form of a floristry workshop to create floral crowns especially for bridal showers. Participants can create the crown themselves then wear it during the shoot. Bus Bleu also always play a role in our partnerships; the girls can choose to arrive on location for the shoot and to kick things off with the Bus Bleu as the backdrop.

On the big day
>> which little details should be considered <<
so that everything goes as smoothly as possible?

We ask participants to arrive already prepared and to not have too much stuff on them so that they can relax during the shoot. We advise arriving in good time so as to make the most of the moment: bridal showers have become quite a slog for those involved, a real marathon of different activities. The atmosphere in the group comes from the encounter, but the tension has to be relieved. A photoshoot is particular for being at the same time an event in itself as well as a medium of capturing the memories of this very special day.

Your best
>> shoot memores <<
and your funny stories…

A part from bridal showers, the loveliest moments to capture are definitely reunions: friends come together even when doing so requires crossing oceans! We’ve got tonnes of funny stories: the bride-to-be who wore HAPPY underwear and dared to lift up her dress during the shoot, valets who invited themselves to get involved in the shoot, the young skater who crossed right in front of the girls in the middle of a photo, and even confetti in between everyone’s teeth. Something surprising and unexpected always gets thrown up.