You may have already planned to organise a whole day for your wedding, or even two, which is really great!

All the same, it’s a good idea to think about entertaining everyone involved in this little world, because you might not have even considered it, but some of your guests might get a little bored.

And yes, a day can seem very long, especially if you don’t know many people.

So here is a little article to give you a few ideas for games and demonstrations that will let your guests get to know each other and occupy themselves during the day.


Outside games



From the most traditional to the most original, games that are played outside are really perfect for bringing the day to life. Adapted to everyone (big or small), there are lots that you can buy or even make!

 A few ideas that we have collected: 

– Giant tic-tac-toe, the game of horseshoes, giant pick-up-sticks, darts, draw-me (the bride, the groom, the witnesses, etc), coconut shy, hoopla, etc.

You could also provide your guests with: badminton (or beach) rackets, balls (volleyball, football, rugby), or a ping-pong table. But you could also organise a tug of war or a bowls tournament. Anything goes!

And to amuse the children, this little this little “Simon says” kit could prove to be very useful (either inside or outside).


Inside games 


If your reception venue does not allow you to organise outside games or activities, don’t panic – there are other ways of entertaining your guests.

Why not entertain yourself by creating a little playbook with crossword puzzles, sudoku, spot the difference, guessing games, etc. And if you’re really motivated, you can personalise it from A to Z (which could be great for the main subjects of spot the difference!).

You can also provide playing cards (there are always 4 belote amateurs at a party) which could work just as well for adults as for children.

Also think about origami fortune tellers which could help your guests to amuse themselves and get to know one another. You can find a number of examples in different colours by clicking here.



diane sagnier K-pture-2

You can also entertain your guests by organising a few shows during the day and evening. Here are some ideas that can be modified to fit the theme and atmosphere of your beautiful day.

Why not get a photobooth, a super 2 in 1 show – it amuses your guests whilst also letting them keep some great souvenirs!

Prepare a “bar of…”, for which several possibilities are open to you: whether it be sweet, with an ice cream bar, sweets bar, lemonade bar etc, or savoury, such as a cheese bar, beer bar, etc.

Organise a pinata: a little element that fulfills the role of both decoration and entertainment. You can make it yourself, the most simple designs are your initials, or the shape of a heart or a star, for example, but all eccentricities are acceptable ;)

Set up a demonstration run by a professional: a little cocktail demonstration can be really nice during the evening, or a cooking show during the cocktail party or afternoon tea can also entertain everyone.

Liven up your evening with the help of chinese lanterns – it’s so pretty and romantic (this makes us think of Rapunzel). It’s an enchanting little digression that everyone won’t be able to help being enthralled by.

Anne-Claire-Brun-quilles Photo-Julie-Cerise-271 K-pture Anne-Claire-Brun-mikado


Of course, there are thousands of other ideas, so it’s up to you to decide which you like and which most resemble your personalities and your lovely day.

Don’t hesitate to let us know which are your favourite games and shows, which could help us in more ways than one ;)