Today we have a little present for all of you who didn’t make it to the Festival Andy… or for those of you who watched on with envy at the children’s workshop, led by the friendly team Lait Fraise Mag.They came up with an adorable DIY workshop : with these banners to act as little sign posts on your big day.

So here we explain how to make them step by step, accompanied, of course, with an essential downloadable file. All the photos were taken on the day of the event by the talented photographer Ela & The Poppies.

Material needed :

This file to download and print out (warning: it’s quite big, so don’t worry if it takes too long to load)
–  Printing paper with a slightly thick texture
– A printer
– Wooden sticks (or garden stakes)
– A small saw
– Paints
– Thread in either cotton or wool and in an assortment of colours
– Different ribbons ( grosgrain ribbon, lace..)



1. Print out the downloadable file on paper with a slightly thick texture. Follow the lines to cut it out.

2. Use the saw to cut the stick to the same length as your banner. Paint it in a colour of your choice. Cut off two pieces of ribbon in the same length (around 6cm)

3. Fold them and fasten them at the top of the banner at an equal distance from the edge.

4. Slide the stick through the two ribbons.

5. Cut a piece of thread to be used to hang the banner, tie it to the ends of the stick ( make notches with the saw if needs be), and cut off any extra thread.


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